LF Mythic guild (H)

Hi i’m a main Havoc since mid 9.1 and i’m really enjoying it atm. Mained brewmaster previous tiers and have exp on warrior, dk and mage. My previous guild disbanded with the release of new world so i been on a semi break since then. I’m willing to change server for the right guild. I’m willing to upkeep 2 chars if the guild recuires it. (dk would be my 2nd)

I am lf a 2/3 day raiding guild since i’m going to have more time. My current progress is 4/10M (3% wipe on soulrender)(this was my progress since half of september) previous tiers : 8/10M in 9.0 / 11/12M in 8.3 Beside raiding i mainly enjoy M+.

For more info feel free to add me on bnet Fillheat#2445 or discord Fillheat#5686