LF RBG(+Arena?) PvP Guild (With PvE or not) - HORDE



Soo I am handsome Orc Warlock who loves to PvP. The time I have spent in this game has been mostly spamming Random Battlegrounds which I love to do! (Since BC I played some in vanilla but too noob for PvP) and would like to take it bit more seriously now.

I am streaming most of the days so I have plenty of time to play when needed.

Ingame: Toadot
Race/Class: Orc Destrcution Warlock

Age: 29
Nationality: Finnish (But currently living in Malta)

You can also find me from https://www.twitch.tv/videos/377093955 :muscle:

Looking forward to get some nice PvP action and PvE if your guild is doing that content too and meeting new people! :v:

Please let me know if you want to know some more of me.

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