LF semi-hardcore mythic guild


Good evening!

Me and a friend are looking for a semi-hardcore mythic guild. We are from Norway and Sweden at the age of 21 and 20, we have no problem with communicating over discord or TS.

After my friends guild (Order of Entropy) broke apart on alliance and i started playing again we decided to get a fresh start on horde. And he is currently gearing a balance druid with resto offspec, and i was planning on playing prot/fury warrior, however i can be flexible and play something else Warrior, DH, Rogue and Druid are the classes i have the most experience with. Ideal raid times would be inbetween 21:00-24:00 GMT+1 with 2-3 raid days.

At the moment my experience is 2/11M ATB, 3/8M Uldir and only a little experience in BoD with some pug runs in normal/HC since i tok a quick break after my guild (Grey Logs) broke apart in Uldir.

My friends experience is 3/8M Uldir and 5/9M BoD on his warrior and monk

Even though we both have little experience in Mythic we both hope we’ve both played the game for a very long time casually.

You can reach us on our battletags if you have any questions regarding the post.

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