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So I would like to know how the situation is on FM. transfer to ES from our dying ally server, but a couple of close friends are going to FM. Now ES is high pop with almost 70% Ally and it looks like its going to be Ally PvE in the future, which I’m not too fond of. FM on the other hand has the same ally population but on a full server and being the 48% of the overall pop. This seems like a dream scenario for someone who also enjoys world pvp like me.

So I would like to know how the situation is on FM.

  • When do you have queues, if any, and how long are they?
  • Is there a healthy open world PvP as the pop numbers suggest? I know there are some streamers there so I’m guessing there will be some amount of sperg going on (?).
  • How’s Alliance farming/meeting stone situation in such server?
  • Lastly, what are your predictions about the long-term pop ratio situation? I know for a fact that many Ally guilds from various dying servers are transferring there within the following weeks including a major one from mine and a couple of smaller ones. On the other hand, I noticed that there is an open migration option from FM Horde to some other small servers, yet many are saying that FM will end up Horde dominated in the future and have the same fate as our server (which started pretty balanced and was - ok - by the end of Classic and then Ally completely died off so far in TBC). Is there indeed such a chance? I would hate to transfer two chars twice…

Thanks for any info and suggestions in advance!

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