LF Weekend or late night guild (23:30 or later) For SL

Hello, i am a 29 year old player looking for a late night guild that raids after 23:30 ST or a weekend guild, i have bin casual raiding since Tomb in legion, but for SL i’d like to get back into mythic raiding and pushing keys, i have bin maining balance druid since TBC, but for SL i am open to reroll to any class needed for the guild, there are only a few specs i don’t want to play, i am willing to tank or dps, but i don’t heal :slight_smile: i prefer being ranged dps, but i don’t mind playing melee either. i work till 22:30 each weekday so the earliest i can be home is around 23:00 and i’ll need time to log in and such, but let’s discuss it over a chat. Willing to transfer server or level a new on the server, will consider alliance too :slight_smile:
Bnet: Chanden#21213
Discord: Chanden#3448