[lfg][a] warlock/ paladin lf high mythic progression guild


Main Protection Paladin with strong ret spec, LF Mythic raiding guild with a good raiding environment, looking for at least 7/9M to really test my limits. The argument of my exp is there and I can talk about it in interviews, but my performance will always shine through. I have a strong mindset and am switched on with a working mic, always bring and provide consumables and anything beneficial to the raid.

Any raid days almost any time

Main: Lineesi-silvermoon (418): Check on warcraft logs for performance
Alt: Valirae-silvermoon (408)

Only just picked it up so proper logs for warlock aren’t available yet.

Please get in touch with me if interested. Also got a strong group of friends that may be interested too.


Hi Lineesi,

I’ve read your post and looked at your past experience, and
I feel you’d fit in really well with our team long-term and want to push for CE each tier with us here in Paradigm.

We are currently progressing on Jaina Mythic; but looking at your past experience and current logs it looks like you would fit right in to the team as Ret.
Heading into 8.2, we could have a conversation if you wished to switch to Warlock, but it’s not something we’d force. We’d also say that there is an opportunity for your friends to apply, especially for 8.2: if they also suited our guild as much as you appear to, we can chat about that ^^

The Guild:
Paradigm Quel’thalas is a 2 night Mythic Raiding guild, run by a group of long-term friends, which aims to clear CE each tier on a more relaxed schedule & with a positive raiding atmosphere.

We were 8/8(M) Uldir CE & are currently at 8/9(M) BoD.
We hope we can offer you the new home you’re searching for.

Wednesday 19:45-23:00 ST (CET)
Sunday 19:15-22:30 ST (CET)

Please hit me back if you have any questions or want to apply,
we’d love to hear from you,

All the best,

BNet : Haseo#21782 | Discord : Haseo#5550