LFG tool cross realm?

please do this. i dont wanna pay tanks. or dont wanna cry to anyone to go arena with me. more people more chance.

classic andies please stop.


Wait for Classic Cata for that, mate.

Sure, in 2 years.

Don’t ever be compelled to pay a tank.

Actually that was implemented during Wrath

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You should try farming as a tank, and see how fun it is compared to raw dps speccs:P (obviously not prot pala, since they can do strat boosts)

Funny thing is the community tells a different story, a month or so ago people were willing to pay 40g to 50g per run nowadays I see people even asking for some and are willing to pay upwards of 100g per heroic

Cross realm LFG + dual spec could stop process of dieing which should be taken without delay.
Staying “no changes” will lead to lowering interest of doing dungeons even more.

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Aye best wait for cata

Cross realm LFG was WotLK not Cata… Cata was the start of LFR, but LK as many will agree late into the expansion was the start of the downfall of woe… LFG Xrealm, Heirlooms and the start of the 1st lot of store mounts being introduced… still want Lk classic??

True that !!!

Not to be rude, but even druid tanks can do 400g an hour without going into any fight with the right prof. You should never pay a tank… more like let them get the nether if even.

guys im not saying auto lfr system. its not good. im saying cross realm LFG system same like the retail. check wowhead they preparing a lfg tool for phrase 2 but it probably going to be server wise. if they do this cross realm it will solve some problems and if they going to do this only for instances maybe it’ll not harm the social cross realm issues. open world and quests should stay still in same realm.

im playing big populated realm but still struggling to find arena partners. and i heard some people paying tanks. i think its harming the game more then the social issues.

Retail is that way =================================>

what makes you think that being able to group with someone from another server? Will fix your problem?
-you’ll still struggle to find tanks since every single server have shortage of tanks
-if you can’t even find arena partner from your own populated server? you won’t find from another server.

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shut up noob

back to retail

Go back to retail if you want everything simplified with no time investment, this game is not for you.

Good riddance.

Wouldn’t cross realm make it easier for people to ninja or be huge pricks? Since server A and B don’t share the same server community, player X can be a dick to the group and still have his/her reputation intact on his/her server.


A tank can fly around just as good asy any other class.