LFM to our Mythic plus teams Season 3, 10.2

I’ve been playing since Burning Crusade and been pushing since mythic plus was available.
We’re a bunch of people, who play together for a long time, even became friends and started a Mythic plus team.
We got tired of puging and waste our time with ruined keys, due to no help with interrupts, dispels stunns. using defensives, using healing potions, and so on.
We have a really chilled, respectful and knowledgeable environment but still are able to play the game serious when needed.
Preparation and Communication is king, so we’re talking about stuff before the key, like routes and other needed planning.
You should be able to update your character asap according to recent changes, BiS-Lists, be fully gemmed and enchanted.

Now we are looking for players who are like minded as us, wants to play as a team, have fun perhaps even become friends.
Augmentation is considers one of our main classes to be recruited but feel free to apply with any class, since the meta is maybe bound to change.
If you would bring a second character, would also be beneficial, since we all have a second character/roles for a second pushing team to bring some flexibility to everyone.
We want players that can take constructive criticism without any drama. play the game for fun most of all.

If you have any questions, hit us up on our discord (https://discord.gg/nFbFCb9G) or per pm (Saavia#2468 / Orion#24804 / Tiko#21337).
Thanks. (edited)

Hi, ive tried to add your discord but the link dont work and ive also tried to add every discord name but its saying none of them are correct lol

Heres mine… add me if you can :smiley: midge5936

Mydiscord Helix369