Liquid vs. Echo 2v3 finisher

Oh no, DH buffs inc. What a game btw.

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I honestly enjoyed this one pretty much.^^


Yea, one of the best games i’ve seen.

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was a crazy game, rogue and dh are just insane so lets hope the developers ‘listen to feedback’ and nerf paladin asap!


Pathetic what makes you think they wont nerf DK’s survival before ret gets it’s justified nerf for using bubble to hurt the fragile DH ego.

In pve a bit maybe ret is the meta right now

Its not entirely meta but its one of the easiest to perform with atm and after the buffs, massive amounts of ppl rerolled to ret lol. Dont think ive ever seen this insane amount of rets in PvE.

did hc last night in a pug 9 rets haha

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