List of restricted names that should not be restricted at all

( Gandalf, Grom, illidan, Malfurion, Tyrande, Legolas, Batman, Arthas, Alexstrasza, Frodo, Gollum, Maiev, Spiderman, Ysera, Hellboy, Elrond, Elune, Sylvanas, Scourge. )

These names are all restricted for no reason whilst you may get other canon character names who are really important in WoW’s lore. A couple of years ago, a GM told me to wait when I asked him about why I could not get one of these names yet a week ago, the customer service told me that the name is restricted. I am frustraded at the fact that I have been waiting too long for the name and also a Blizzard employee gave me some wrong information and caused me to waste so much of time, hoping to get the name.

[ For the incoming ( Be original + lack of imagination comments ] ;

I do enjoy roleplaying as canon characters more than the ones I personally create and it is even more fun when someone you come across in Azeroth plays along and makes the whole thing far more entertaining. Back in BfA when I was absolutely upset about the game’s situation, roleplaying was the only thing that kept my subscription going, so I hereby demand these names to be released.

By the way there are people literally running around with the names mentioned on NA realms yet it seems restricted every time I try to get one of these names. Please do release them.

This bit I can understand… however…

Those I don’t so much. RP in a Marvel/DC game but not a D&D based MMO. Just my opinion of course.


Hello there. Then names you have mentioned certainly do not fit into World of Warcraft yet I see no point in them being restricted completely.

It is truly fun to come across people who roleplay as important canon characters. I would say that it gives the player the feeling as if they are ( questing / playing ) with an actual npc on their side.

The thing that bothers me with these restrictions is that all the names I have mentioned are completely restricted whilst some other REALLY popular canon characters’ names are available if it is not in use by someone else. I have been contacting GMs and Customer Support for a while now about this issue. I hope there will be a change.

Actually, I think you will find those names Trademarked by DC & Marvel etc.

Silvermoon being an RP realm does have stricter naming policies. (Ignore the title of the article, scroll down for the RP restrictions)

Additional Rules for Role Playing Realms

World of Warcraft Role Play (RP) realms are intended to provide players with an added level of immersion in the game world and must avoid being disruptive to the world. Examples of common unacceptable or disruptive RP names include (but are not limited to):

  • Non-medieval or non-fantasy names (For example: Slipnslide, Robotman, Discoinferno)
  • Names that reference well known people, characters, brands, places, or icons (For example: Britneyspears, Austinpowers, Mcdonalds, Georgewashington, Newyork)
  • Names that consist of multiple words (For example: Inyourface, Welovebeef, Howareyou, Sixtyseventy)

Blizzard reserves the right to assign a random name to any character violating our RP naming policy. For more severe or repeat violations, we may apply additional penalties to the account.

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Gandalf is trademarked/copyrighted by Tolkien Estates, who are very litigatious over any missuse of their IP rights.

I have read this before which is why I strongly insist that canon character names that belong in the WoW lore must not be restricted.

And how come the name Aragorn is not restricted?

Seems that Aragorn is or at least is derived from an actual old english name, and that would make it not copyrightable or trademarkable.

In either case, suggestions aren’t made over the forums, they are made in-game where the suggestion will get sent directly to the developers.

You didn’t seem to predict this in your 3rd or 4th post about this.

Use accented characters.

I truly don’t get it. I mean I can get this name yet some other canon character names are restricted for no reason.

Blizzards game, their rules, their restrictions. They have the right to restrict any name for any reason of their choosing, or even for no reason at all, just because they felt like it, really.

Nor do they have to justify it

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They should have educated their GMs better if this is the case. One of the GMs told me to wait for it to be available on my realm 3 years ago instead of straight up telling me that the name I wanted to get was completely restricted.

Maybe the GMs don’t have access to the list of restricted names?

Hey Tindomulon!

For inquiries regarding already taken names, please see this support article. Names that have been restricted are permanently out of reach and will never be made available however - the reasons for that have been made very clear by other posters already.

It sounds like back then you received a response referring to a “I want to claim this already taken name” type inquiry when it was seemingly more of a “Why is this name not available or restricted?” inquiry and I’m sorry for any confusion it may have caused you. If it helps, we wouldn’t have assisted with this 3 years ago either as at least on an initial glance, some of the names you provided were very intentionally restricted to players.

I specified the name which I wanted to get 3 years ago during the conversation with the GM and he literally told me to wait because it would be availiable if the owner of the name stays inactive for 2 expansions, instead of telling me the name was restricted. Back then, during character creation menu, if you tried to get a name and couldn’t, it would tell you that ( The name is not availiable on this realm ) every time instead of ( This name is restricted )

What is the reason that the name Deadpool is available yet Batman is not? or the name Anduin is available but Arthas is not? This does seem nonsensical.

You were told that, they are copyrighted and trademarked. They obviously not been added to the filter yet.

Are you joking? That looks disgusting.

5 days for that answer?

If you won’t use them then you cannot get the name, it’s that simple.

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That’s so true.