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Leaving a key is just stupid. It’s unmature and hurts your reputation as a player. Season started last week and you act like top MDI players. Face it: You are not. So play together as a team and do keys as next key will be much better. +20 Players, listen. I don’t care what you are, or what you have done or what is your progress in game. But i hate when you start to lie about your experience in game, which we can check with todays tools easily. STOP LYING. It’s better to speak truth. Well it’s your player reputation. Mythic+ needs to have penalty system, because when you leave a key, your performance was it even a tierset needs to get weaker. that’s an idea, make the player weaker each time when ( he or she, whatever leaves a key )

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Sorry, but I’m not going to bang my head against the proverbial wall just so you can finish your key. I’d rather leave and find a key that’s going to time.
Also, you don’t have a say as to what I do in a dungeon.
I’m sorry that your key depleted but it happens to everyone.

No thx bb 10 char

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