Login issues tonight, dc and login que [24/02]

Anyone else have this problem tonight, dc and put into login que, going from 3 to 6 to 9 to 13 and so on…

This is pretty regular at the moment, but tonight has been the longest it’s lasted for a while. I realise that supporting guilds is no longer a function for Blizzard, but it would be nice to at least have the stuff we do have … work.

Just about to start organising a raid tonight … guild chat died. Nothing worked to guild chat. Then raiders who were trying to log in, couldn’t - got stuck in a queue on the launcher and then, if they were lucky enough to get through that, into another queue for the game.

Some raiders who were already online … got kicked out of wow … same issue … had to queue to get back in - often going round in circles.

3 hours later … and the majority had managed to get online in time, but guild chat was still broken and, we discovered, the guild calendar doesn’t work either.

Nor does the guild roster. It can only be accessed using the old /groster.

I am assuming (correct me if I’m wrong), that all these things are linked in some way. Ever since the guild interface was linked in with the communities interface it has been very unstable, most notably with regular guild chat failures. Often only for a few minutes, sometimes for much longer.

I am going to assume that, at some point, this specific problem today will be fixed. But is there anyone out there actually trying to find and deal with the underlying cause?

I’m on a very low population realm, which was one that was promised a link to other realms to increase our population, the process for which was suddenly stopped with no word, following several problems that occurred with other realm connections. Is it all a hardware issue? software?

Would just be nice to have word that someone, somewhere, was aware of the issues and was working on them - ideally with some sort of rough time scale.

Hi all, i think here in Italy we have Login Problem on BNet.
I got 31 mins of queue while my english guildmates are on with no issues

Same issue in Sweden m8

I have 20 mins queue in Norway, I think it’s a login server issue. I bypassed the Bnet and launched wow directly and then i had 4 min queue on the server - In game now. So try that :slight_smile:

Same here in Belgium. Getting a “Login servers are full” message with a countdown and then when it reaches 1 and it tries to log in, it disconnects and I get to do it all over.

same here in czech republic cant connect it told me 3mins and then it disconnected me with some kind of error…

this is not problem on our side dont worry…its always on their side almost always if same problem got more people its obvious

It seems to be fixed now.

at the end of doing a timewalking dungeon it froze, 20 sec lag now in boralus is the same chat is fine just everything else is lagging like mad

It is unacceptable…

waiting 20 minutes to enter the Batle Net, plus Queue 101 to enter WoW and more lag inside the server…

Is this what we pay for?

I’m having an issue where when I try to open the game it says its launching then does nothing and the button goes back to play. I resolved this the other day by reinstalling battlenet but to do that had to use a VPN as the install was hanging at around 35%. I have now discovered that using a VPN to launch WoW seems to work. Any ideas why this would be happening and what i can do to fix

im guessing bnet hasn’t loaded either?

Bnet opens and loads all the information fine you wouldnt think there was a problem. The only other indication that something is up is that overwatch has an update but it says its waiting for other applications to update first yet nothing else is pending and update

ah right, unfortunately not sure on that :frowning:

Im having same issue now together with my friend. Cant login game.

I had the same so I restarted my computer, just in case. (I was ingame just before, ready to pull with my raid group but the game crashed).
Now I’m queued to log back in and the time is increasing constantly …

is there an ongoing DDOS attack ?

Looks like another DDoS attack, queue is going up for me not down. “Multi-dollar company”

Yeah login ques for everyone and the AH not working

Yea, had the same issue. Start button does not lunch the game. Issue is that new battle net does not shows errors to the user and you actually do not know that the real reason why game does not starts is because authorization server is down.

If you will restart Battlenet, you will see the queue of never-ending authorization.