Login Queue

Since it’s pre patch day today, I’ve been rushing my evening to get online and find a queue?! One might say, okay, a queue, it can happen. Sure. No issues there.

But…! According to the first waiting time; I should be able to login at 18.09 - so no drama there either. (waiting 18 mins sucks, but it’s not as bad as I read here and there about ppl going threw ridiculus waiting hours even) However, Blizzard seems to have another use of time than the entire world, as it is now 18.09 and my queue is still on 7 minutes. Looks like the waiting time is double than what is announced. At least be honest to your paying customers and inform them correctly.

Why would you merge this many servers to put ppl in a waiting queue due to full servers? I swapped my main to Kilrogg from a dead realm, and had chosen Kilrogg just because the servers weren’t full at the time. So I’ve paid for this realm swap, to now all of the sudden get stuck in a queue?! Thanks, Bliz! :frowning:

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