Login servers, guild chat, guild roster, calendar .. all broken

This is pretty regular at the moment, but tonight has been the longest it’s lasted for a while. I realise that supporting guilds is no longer a function for Blizzard, but it would be nice to at least have the stuff we do have … work.

Just about to start organising a raid tonight … guild chat died. Nothing worked to guild chat. Then raiders who were trying to log in, couldn’t - got stuck in a queue on the launcher and then, if they were lucky enough to get through that, into another queue for the game.

Some raiders who were already online … got kicked out of wow … same issue … had to queue to get back in - often going round in circles.

3 hours later … and the majority had managed to get online in time, but guild chat was still broken and, we discovered, the guild calendar doesn’t work either.

Nor does the guild roster. It can only be accessed using the old /groster.

I am assuming (correct me if I’m wrong), that all these things are linked in some way. Ever since the guild interface was linked in with the communities interface it has been very unstable, most notably with regular guild chat failures. Often only for a few minutes, sometimes for much longer.

I am going to assume that, at some point, this specific problem today will be fixed. But is there anyone out there actually trying to find and deal with the underlying cause?

I’m on a very low population realm, which was one that was promised a link to other realms to increase our population, the process for which was suddenly stopped with no word, following several problems that occurred with other realm connections. Is it all a hardware issue? software?

Would just be nice to have word that someone, somewhere, was aware of the issues and was working on them - ideally with some sort of rough time scale.

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