LOL, Blackrock Clan Boots on male troll

The Maghar heritage boots look great on orcs. On various other races they become oddly bulky, but male troll is really comical level.
(Look up the name on Wowhead and check the 3D view. It’s same as in-game preview.)

It’s not the same as the ingame preview. Wowhead model viewer doesn’t work exactly how the game looks. The boot model is custom made and it’s only available in orc size. Ingame no actual boot model would be loaded while wowhead dressing room loads the only available boot model, orc size one.

If you want to see how it would look ingame then levelup mag’har orc to 110. Get heritage armor and transmog into it. Then go to PTR and copy that mag’har orc until you get race change or faction change. Then click race or faction change and you can preview that gear on any race.

Well, I am getting different results.

You know that you can’t use the Mag’har heritage armor on anything that’s not Mag’har, right?

If so, why does it matter ho it looks on other races?

Heritage Armor will look odd if you preview it on another race, simply due to the way these pieces were designed to fit a specific race and shape.
Some might work, some really won’t :stuck_out_tongue:

And still clipping the armor sucks on some models tho it is specific for one race.

Try the boots on an Undead :smiley:

If they weren’t equally silly on Undead than on Trolls, I’d have said Blizzard is trolling us hard. :smile:

On a related note, there is a weird fashion trend of half-naked elven chars (I do not have to mention I mean female) with this kind of mafia burial boots.

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