Long time player, looking for a pvp guild on [Silvermoon][A]

Hey there.

I’m looking for mosty PVP - oriented guild on Silvermoon.

About myself - I started playing WoW near the end of WoLTK, and have been gone after Legion ended. Now I came back to check Dragonflight out, and stayed. I was never took PVP seriously until now. I managed to get some decent rating in Solo Shuffle and am working on improving my arena awarness. For the first time in my life I managed to actually gear my character for PVP related stuff.

I’m looking for a more mature guild, willing to do some arena and RBGs, I’m friendly and don’t mind a laught. Contact me here or on my bnet Agusiolub#2590.


I have looked in vain. I love battlegrounds but want to learn to do solo shuffle. Will add you so we can share if we find anything
I also looked on Ravencrest found nothing. Maybe they are there but are sure hard to find.

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