Looking for a guild, Horde, AD!

I returned to wow a month ago for expac, and I really enjoy it so it seems like I’ll be around for a while this time.
I’ve played since early TBC and my Mage, Samdra is my first and main char.
I’m looking for a chill and relaxed guild that still want to make progress ingame.
I enjoy RP, so a guild that has that as well as dungeons, raids, or pvp would be nice since I tend to play a little bit in all the corners of the game.

Most important to me is that I’m looking for a mature guild with members that aren’t rude nor have a toxic gamer personality.

I’m a 30 y.o. from Sweden and I’m just sick and tired of rude, immature people and looking for new players to enjoy the game with!
If anyone just want to hang out, guild or not, let me know.

Find me ingame on: Samdra
Discord: Samdra90#7391
Or just comment here. …

Now it’s time for the daily WQ’s.
Have a great day all you lurkers!

Hey there!

If you are looking for RP, the Highblood Myrmidons are recruiting elves to help spread the glory of Silvermoon and Suramar. Check out the thread. If it interests you I will be happy to have a word with you in game or in discord (SaberFace#3148)

Since we are part of PCU, if you are interested in content on the side, there are often people who organize all manner of stuff such as m+ and even raids. It’s important for me to emphasize however that we are first and foremost RP oriented.


Plenty about, just read down the forum. Take time to look at the entire community before making a choice :slight_smile:

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