Looking for a guild that actually chats in guild chat. Possible?

So I’ve been looking to find a guild on Silvermoon that actually has a bit of talk in guild chat. I’m completely down with using Discord, but I really like an active social guild that isn’t afraid to talking in /g occasionally. The couple of very large guilds I’ve been in the past year have been just silent… tumbleweeds

I’m a very active player, mostly focused on M+ and all around PvE gaming. I’m on often, have many alts. etc. Priest healer main (both holy and disc). Thanks!

Finding the right guild can often be like buying a car or a house. A bit of homework may be needed to find the right one for you! I often find the bigger guilds (talking 500+ char guilds) often are more silent because people are “just there” as a number, the smaller-ish ones often foster communities that end up being friendly, open and welcoming with more chatter as you tend to know eachother better in game.

I have had the pleasure of being in a few wonderful and social active guilds in the past and now am the GM of Shield. I try to foster that same community sense and we have plenty of chatter both on discord and in game!

As always with a guild, you want to try and find a guild whose values and goals match your own so you are the right fit for the guild, and the guild is a good fit for you.

Without knowing what you are looking for, besides the social espect, it is harder to see what exactly is it you are looking for.

I have a post on the silvermoon forums with our guild info but if you simply prefer to have a chat, feel free to add me on Bnet : Ren#1612

Have a nice day!

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