Looking for a new home!

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a early-night raiding guild. I’m about to level a new main, and would therefore like to find THE guild :wink:
My only requirement is that the guild has to be a bit patient for about 2-3 weeks while I level. I have no preference of server/faction. However, I can max raid untill 22:00 ST, which is where I drive to work.
hope to hear from you soon.


We are PvE Horde Guild at Ashbringer-EU. We are raiding guild and run raids Friday or Sunday (rotate every week). On BWL announcement we start Wednesday raids as the second raid day after Sunday. All raids 20:00-23:00 ST. We are looking for Restor Druid, Hunter or Frost Mage. If you interested, please PM me - in the game Slafer, Tebbr, Stabi, Nemura, Dumblebored, Zatchlas.

We can give you 2-3 weeks. For us long-term is more important. We also have good experience of players transferred to our Guild from other servers.

You can visit our recruiting page here: [H] [Ashbringer-EU] <Image of the Invisible> PvE Raiding Guild

Image of the Invisible


Iron Edge - Horde on Razorgore are looking for Fury Warriors and Resto shamans :slight_smile: We raid 2 days a week, monday + thursday from 19-22.00 ST. We use DKP to distribute loot and we will let you get 2-3 weeks to lvl as well as we will help you out!

You can either msg me(Talangen) or Campy in game if you want to talk more

Aurora Borealis - Alliance on Zandalar Tribe.

We are a relaxed but very active guild, right now we are focusing on our raids. Our atmosphere is very inclusive and we see our guildies as our friends. We have many ex-vanilla players and a fair few players who are completely new to WoW. We often have all kinds of ingame events for fun!

We are currently raiding MC on sunday afternoons at 14:00 server time.

We can give you time to level, and you can jump right into raids when you get to lvl55.

If you would like to see if we are a good fit for you then joining on our dungeon group or a trial period is fine, you can leave no questions asked and you don’t have to sneak off once everyone is offline.

If you’re interested, you can whisper me, Arthos or Lumimyrsky ingame. :slight_smile:

@slafer Hi man! Thanks for the offer, however I cannot make it to 23:00 :frowning: I have to go latest 22:30, which is where I have to drive to work to make it in time.

@Sheepoholic Hey man! Sounds interesting, I messaged you!

@eldwarven It sounds very tempting,I like your raiding schedule. What roles/classses are you looking for?

We are mostly looking for warlocks and hunters, but im sure we can find space for all classes at the moment. Here is our recruitment post if you are interested! [A] Zandalar Tribe - <Aurora Borealis> is recruiting! Raiding on Sunday afternoons!

hello mate, we are in mograine ally side. raiding mainly from 19.00 to 22.00 sundays (mc now will be bwl when it is out) and an off raid in tuesday or thursday at 19.00 (ony now will be mc + ony probably when bwl is out)

a little info about us, we are 15-20 people who are together for 15 years and we started playing classic again and got some more nice peps with us as well and raiding casually while trying to achieve 100% progress on all raids. we are in need of healers and some more ranged dps at the moment (warlock, mage, hunter in order of need).

please send me a message or /w me in game for a chat if you are interested.

Alright on Ashbringer alliance could be an option for you if you haven’t found a new home yet.

You can read up about us on our recruitment page:
<ALRIGHT> [A] - Recruiting for chill raiding and ping me on discord if you think what we’re doing could be something for you :slight_smile:

Hi there, The Order of Azeroth may fit your requirements. We are a casual raiding guild who value a friendly, mature atmosphere and our raids are well organised and well led.

Our raid times are:

  • Friday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)
  • Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)

If you are interested in learning more or want to join us, you can visit our recruiting post here: [A] EU Mirage Raceway <The Order of Azeroth>

To speak to an Officer in-game, contact:

  • Bhalgrim
  • Daggermane

Hello there, we have an available spot for rogue- Skullflame realm / horde. A bit more info for us:

EndGame is a guild of mature players with the goal of experiencing the true vanilla.
We have a core group of veterans spread out from vanilla to retail.
We are clearing all current content in 1 raid and we would like to strenghthen a bit our raiding core ahead of Black Wing Lair

What to expect?

We raid 3 times a week during progress.
You can expect knowledagble leading and a whole lot of fun.
We aim to be casual while at the same time raiding as serious as our adult lifes will allow us.

What will we expect from you?

Be somewhat social. When raiding you will be expected to bring your own potions and consumables and put you game face on.
BiS gear is something we will NEVER enforce, but be wary, drops from raids are far and few apart, so upgrading gear outside of raids if needed greatly helps you and the whole raid.

Loot system:

DKP Min bid
Raid schedule:

20:30 ST -> 23:00 ST

To see mroe details about us and apply visit www.EndGameGuild.eu

You can always fill the quick application form on our new website. I think we can fit you in perfectly.

Regards !
MmBoKo - Druid Class Leader of Endgame Guild

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