Looking for active social late night guild. Silvermoon

As the title says, I’m looking for a guild that’s active later on in the day. I’m a dad of 3 so I tend to not get online till around 22:00 st. I enjoy all sorts. Keys, raids, pvp, achievements. If there’s a group activity, I’m generally down for it. I’d prefer a silvermoon guild as that’s the server I’m based on. But if the right guild and community comes up, I’m not shy of making a toon on a new server.

Sounds like we could be a good fit. We’re a small group of dads/working professionals and at the minute we tend to play once a week from 9-10 ST onwards. Our activity has been low since the the majority of the guild stoped playing after launch but we’re actively look to recruit people and rebuild an active raid team.

Our current schedule is basically Friday evening we do “something” as a group whether thats M+, pvp, raids, timewalking etc.

Oh and we’re already on Silvermoon - check us out, “The Rant”

Still on the look. There must be something out there…