Looking For Guild (H)

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a friendly guild on TM ( H ) side. I’m interested in all the content at the moment, I have cleared Ny’alotha HC 12/12, and I’m learning to tank M+, my best key so far is a +16, admittedly I had a really nice group.

So, yeah, I’m mostly interested in a chill guild with active people that like to do various activities, and not only for the raid and that’s it. I also like to farm transmog, help lowbies, and especially, PvP, can’t believe I almost forgot about that. Would be nice to find a guild with people that like to RBG and I think overall I’m looking for cool people that I can have fun with!

do you have a dps spec :)?

Hello, yes I do :), I still need 1 head piece with BiS trait, and more haste ! 44% atm, but i’m working on ti :slight_smile:

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