Looking for Guild or Community Mythic for Raiding

We’re a few AOTC friends with some Mythic kills looking to join into a community or guild who are preparing to raid Mythic.

I play a Druid Tank and I will link the others armory, so you’re free to look them up.

everyone is over 25 years old.

our last guild fell apart as the GM was never on and no one knew what was happening so people parted ways.

Can Raid Mon, Weds, Friday, Sat, and Sun at or after 20:30 servers time.

any questions or just wanna chat with any of us, join our discord.

Roo has Multi classes and specs and is best as DPS or Healer, he would be healing with his Druid.

Snakes, DPS Warr

Redders, Healer/DPS Shammy

Skylarx, Warlock

Snow, Druid Tank



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