Looking for guilds to merge

(Heidar) #1

Hi friends!

I’m Heidar, the guild master of Collective. We raid on weekends mostly, usually Fridays at 20:00.

We had a great start to the expansion where we had a stable raid group of around 15 people and we were doing alright. However as the expansion went on, things died down.

Now we’re at the point where we have to fill our raids with randoms. That’s been working OK for us but we hate wasting time on group finder when we’re raiding.

I was wondering if there are any guilds in similar situations out there? If so, would it make sense to get 2-3 groups like that together and make a stable raid group that can start strong in 8.1?

Leave a comment or add me on friends (heidar#21971) and give me a shout if you find this interesting - we’re pretty chill and open to suggestions. :slight_smile:


(Ghostperson) #2

This man raids.

(system) #3

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