Looking for LGBT friendly guild on Draenor! :)



I’m pretty new to the game and currently levelling/gearing up in BFA. I’ve always been a bit of a nervous person so haven’t really gotten in to mythic+

I’m looking to change that though and i’m looking for a LGBT friendly guild that can help build my confidence in the game and be okay with the fact I’m a noob xD Not looking to do anything crazy high, just enough to do some end game stuff and get to know people along the way.

If there are any guilds out there for me please let me know :smiley:


Hey! Unity of Righteous is really friendly and welcoming everyone! But…We are an alliance guild on silvermoon… do you want to have a chat with me anyways?

Add my battletag! Wendy#2302

Until we chat!

(Laorii) #3

Hey Rhamaje!

DHX is a raiding guild, but we have a solid social and game community too. If you’re looking for some people to hang out with in your daily activities we always have someone around. :slight_smile:

My Btag: LAORII#2787