Looking for M+ Friends

Hello evry1
My wife and ir looking for M+ friends, people that r tired of pugs and just want to have a steady grp of people going for M+ coz it is fun and challenging at the same time.
We know that there r communities out there where there is things going on like that, but we r in some and there is not a lot of talking going on, so it feels hard to get something going, coz evrytime we ask no answers.
So if u want to make something in wow like M+ just write me or add me so we can have a chat about ur wishes and desires of what u want to achieve in M+ runs.
So tired of impatient people in pugs and the toxicity going in pug grp, both M+ and pug raids.
so let us create something where evry1 can be who they want to be and still achive something in wow without people saying ur bad or u cant do this and that.
It would be so nice if there is people out there, where we can do M+ evry season and hopefully get KSM done evry season.
Add me on Bnet

Looking forward to hear from u

I wish you luck, i’ll be returning with my M+ group when pre patch hits.

Just bumping your post and wishing you luck tbh, More people should take the initiative to make connections in the game, and get out of the pug community imo :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome to come and check out our M+ community. We are still very active and there are grouos almost every night.

You can either check out profile on raider io or add me on bnet or discord. Would be happy to chat through what we do amd how we operate.

BNET: Chicken#22146 or Discord: Chicken#7363

Hey hey Chickenankh sound really nice and send u a friend request on bnet… then we can take it from there :stuck_out_tongue:
An Malikypewpew yes some1 should take more initiative to do this coz playing M+ with pugs is so toxic and not rewarding… coz if people dont get what the want or if just a little tiny winy mistake is made… baam gone have fun with ur lower key.
my wife and i have been searching for a place to do M+ in for a while now, but we still hope to find a good place for DF .


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