Looking for new server

Hello all! :grin:

I’m considering rerolling to more active server (Zandalar Tribe seems quiet now… but no idea if it’ll change if TBC comes out).

I might consider horde, resto shaman mainly (or warrior tank) so how’s the horde population around these parts?

I’d like to find some cozy guild that’ll accept low lvls and something that does things together, even at low lvls. I am not however trying to seek anything that will carry me, because I’m going to carry my own weight :blush:

Could you guys suggest some guild that would accept very laid back person with wide range for humor (tho I can keep the darkest jokes to myself… possibly :sweat_smile:), but who also can take things “seriously” (as in: do my part in the groups and the likes). I never actually whine about things that happen in game, so you’ll get no drama out of me (honestly… that gotta be a place for “that’s what she said” joke :thinking:).

Is there need for resto shammies or tank warriors for the horde here?

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Best place to ask this question is here :slight_smile: https:// discord.gg/QnNy7AD3