Looking for PVP guild!

Hey! I love pvp, and I’m looking for a guild here that also loves it, it can be rbg or find partners to make some arenas!

I’m still learning the depth of the game but I think I’m learning pretty okay haha.

I have been playing hots (I peaked 3 top world, but that was long time ago), and also lol (I have been low aspirant also a long time ago), that just for some background.

I’m very friendly/chill, don’t mind about mistakes, I want to learn and make some friends in the long run while we get some ranking.

I play hunter, also thinking about leveling a mage, they seems fun.

GreenTea#21276 that’s my b.tag.

Have a nice day!

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Hy, did u found any guild? I’m doing the same. :grinning:

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