Looking for social guild (M+/heroic clear focussed)

Hi all,

returned after a long break and currently looking for a guild for M+clearing /Heroic raiding. If there is already a dedicated Mythic raiding team I don’t really mind as I always focussed on getting high m+ only and just would like to get into a social guild if there’s any left in the end of this expac.

About myself:

  • 29 years old, Netherlands and pretty much every day online to catch up asap.
  • Got a weird IT 24/7 Job so I’l be online at the most random times at day and night.
  • Played from classic till mid cata and took a break.
  • Played hardcore in Legion as a DH and raided mythic untill Argus.
  • BFA I’ve played pala/rogue and switched to rogue as I wanted to get some crazy IO scores for that season and managed to get a stable 16+ in time on all dungeons.

Now after returning I went back for my paladin(ret spec) as this is my main since TBC and just getting everything ready before Shadowlands release. (Exalted, mounts and raiding achievements).

Thanks all for your time!
Battle.net (Deluziion#2943) / Deluzíion in game (mind the alt+i)

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