Looking for social guild on Silvermoon



I came back around 3 weeks ago and have been struggling to find a truly social guild since. I have a 120 hunter - Taliessa (main over all servers) and 52 Druid - Araspen on Silvermoon. Enjoy raiding on occasion, dungeons, all other components but the social side is definitely more important to me!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey! Sounds like you would like to be part of unity of righteous! Add my battletag and ill whisper jou and invite you if u like when I get back on after dinner! Wendy#2302


Haloo :slight_smile:
I don’t know if you are still looking for a new home but in any case we have an active chill social guild on Silvermoon called “Eye of the Midnight Sun”. We are looking for more friends to help grow the family. We enjoy to chat, leveling, achievements, mogruns, casual m+/bgs. New players are welcome. Looms unlocked.

Feel free to poke one of us in game for more info :wink: