Loot Amounts in Castle Nathria

Soon after the Castle Nathria raid went live for Normal and Heroic difficulties this week, we discovered a bug that was causing an unintended additional amount of loot to drop. Due to this bug, bosses have been dropping an average of 5 items for a 20-player raid group, when an average of 3 items is intended.

Throughout the design and testing of Shadowlands, we’ve had a consistent goal of bringing a similarity to the rate of loot acquisition that players experience in each of the main endgame activities: Raiding, Mythic Keystone Dungeons, and PvP. This bug, if left unaddressed, would prioritize Normal and Heroic raiding over similar-difficulty dungeons and PvP progression.

We’re developing a fix for the issue, which we will implement with scheduled weekly maintenance (16 December in this region). Neither the bug nor the fix will affect Conduits and Legendary Memories, as their drop chances are determined separately.


Any plans on removing the extra loot that players got or are you just letting us know that there’s free loot for all until the 16th ?

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So if we take 20 in, we can expect each person to get 1 item per week?

…This feels a lot like unlucky players could well get no items for several weeks…


Maybe you should make it 0 loot, so the game can be more funny to play.


They’re not going to take anyone’s loot. It’s more a heads-up that less loot will drop in the coming reset, so players know.

Blizzard maybe to put 1 loot for 20 people,we don’t need gear right,what is your plan to no-life in Raid’s.


Please remove every loot in the game, we are happy with gold drops.


So what does this mean for groups bigger than 20? our Normal/HC team is currently sitting at 27/28 people.

Yeah better fix that ASAP like every other thing that gives the players unintended benefits while I probably still have to do the F-ing flower jump world quest in Bastion 6 times until i manage to not fall through a flower!
Probably will still be bugged in 10.3!


Dont we get double item drops next week dungeon event tho im guessing that also aplies to mythic and keystone dungeons

I had to walk away from it. After 20 tries my motion sickness triggered and it’s not worth it.

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With these drop rates I will probably do normal raid once in this expansion and won’t bother anymore. Maybe only to have Great Vault, but I guess effort to complete raid may make it still not worth doing.


I thought people raided for the “Progression” and the “difficulty” and not the reward.


That has nothing to do with raid drops though - and most of the pre-raid gear sucks anyway

You need gear and loot in order to progress.


Yeah, these people who get paid for that by sponsors and Twitch viewers. The rest comes for loot to feel that they upgraded something.

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LoL you’r try to troll me is fail just like your class.

Ofc i want reward and yes i need gear to progress further,you don’t what is a point of raiding if not reward.

I love reading the self-entitlement of “remove their loot or give us all free loot” I love you guys :pray:t2:

after 5 m+ and not a single loot, I got Ion’s idea now! he saw we spent way too much time in M+ in Legion and Bfa, so he was kind enough to make that pointless for everyone whose not spending all their free time and spamming daily 10+ dungeons, so hell yeah, 1 m+ for the Great Vault and thats it! we dont need to do that anymore. it was like this like pre-MoP, we just got used to too much loot since MoP. now we dont have to feel the urge to spam pve content, we can farm Anima for cosmetic wings and circlets instead.

and now that M+ is either pointless or for the really-really hardcore top1%, he was kind enough to nerf raids too.


Ive got 0 loot from 7 bosses and they telling me that it is more than intended and it will be even less…cmon dude…what was wrong with bfa amount of loot…it seems like great vault will be main source of gearing this xpac…cant wait for raid tier sets to never compkete one with this droprate :+1:t2:

You cant even report OP for trolling :rofl: