Loot drop problem

i posted in customer support but my topic was locked without having a feedback from Blizzard

i ask again :

  • why the loot drop in Shadowlands is so low in raids & dungeons ?
    in a raid of 14+ players , only 2 or 3 players will get items

  • why the only things that appear are gold & anima ?

fix it & bring back bonus rolls

it is not fun now in Shadowlands, playing hard to progress and not getting rewarded

WoW is a fun competitive game , yet not being rewarded is not proper

paying for a game yet having this loot drop problem is not proper


Customer support reps or forums are not your personal access to the developers.

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Customer support representatives should inform game developpers about players feedbacks for problems in game

Same company

That’s your opinion. Customer Support exists to help with problems people encounter while playing (usually game breaking or stuck progress). They don’t deal with bugs or design philosophy.

You can submit suggestions and bug reports ingame.

its not an issue, its working as intended.

Hi there!

So your feedback is definitely welcomed, but this is not actually a bug, so your best bet would be to give your feedback via this guide: