Loot Trading in Classic *Updated*

Nice, that sounds like a good balance between the two situations.

This is awesome news but as others have stated I would like some clarification regarding Upper Blackrock Spire as well since this is a dungeon that will likely require a raid to complete. so If you can clarify that the loot trading only applies to 20 and 40 mans then that would be great <3

Yes baby, I wuv u guys !!

Classic be like Christmas and birthday together as a child…

Glad to see a compromise made, I think this will serve to satisfy the valid complaints on this topic enough while still keeping GM time wasting dealing with items to as low as possible.

Exactly how I wanted it to be!

The answer to the UBRS question is: loot trading will be available in content that has a raid lock. UBRS will not have a raid lock.

A big part of loot trading (in a 2-hour window) as a solution to a concern is that raid locks require you to wait a week (or 3 days) before you can try again for the loot that was accidentally given to the wrong person.


Great to see you are taking our issues so seriously, I think you’ve come up with the best solution possible. Thanks Blizzard! :+1:t2:


Thanks Kaivax ! You guys at Classic Team ROCK !

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YES!!! Blizzard you totally rock.

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Well this confirms that the classic team is not the same as the bfa team I guess, Kappa.

Goos news anyway, this system is how it should be: just for raids

I can feel all the ninjas in the world right now crying in their sheet they wont be able to abuse this system.
And im also happy this proves shogath that loot trading was not fine at all for pugs groups and have been thus removed from it.
Eat that. (Dont answer me tho, my eyes till dodge your posts).


Fantastic news :slight_smile: Thank you for listening!

I like this solution very much.:+1:

I mean this is a good change to a big “issue” but i’d still say that even after the changes loottrading breaks more than it fixxes. Yes, when someone wrongfully masterloots a piece of gear or someone forgets to put masterloot on and someone needs on a boss item by accident then this may fix things but imo this still leaves open alot of space for abuse. Especially in raidpugs you could still have people roll on gear and trade it to their friends. Imo its stupid to have loot trading apply to masterloot. The entire point of Masterloot is to have a single person that has the last call when it comes to loot distribution. Leaving up the opertunity to undermine that authority leaves open room for abuse. Loot trading should give players the opertunity to fix “wrong” item distribution after someone missclicked during group loot.

Does this mean you can still abuse Loot Trading in UBRS, since it’s technically a raid group and not a party of 5?

Points to the post above

This is really awesome to hear. Thanks for spending so much time keeping us up to date with classic and respond to some of our concerns!

seems like the classic team care


Yet another awesome decision! You guys (and gals) in the classic team are going from strength to strength. Lots of love

And i’m happy that you are happy. You can thank me later.

Yeah, sure. :smirk:

You have no idea how PuG raid works, don’t you?

You won’t be able to roll on PuG raids on everything…because it is MS > OS and Role > Spec.

The Master Looter of that PuG will have to be a trustworthy player (or he loses A LOT of gold) and he will not going to allow rolls that aren’t MS>OS and Role > Spec.

Also, in PuGs, players are allowed to roll and win a SINGLE ITEM only. The SECOND ROLL on a SECOND ITEM is granted in certain conditions.

There won’t be 5 guys using their roll on an item to give it to their friend…because they will lose their rolls when an item they want is going to drop.

You are assuming things that will never happen mate.