Loot Trading in Classic *Updated*

I was never a fan of loot trading anyway. Now I don’t think that warrior rolling need on a item which is for his friend mage is a problem. I would blacklist anyone rolling on an item they don’t need. So I never understood people’s arguments here.

What I never liked about loot trading is the whispering afterwards - “please give me the item, you can still trade it…” For the sake of avoiding such things, it is good that loot trading is going away in dungeons. Once looted, it’s gone. I don’t want to hear whispers for 2 hours about the loot.

Doing pugs just got a lot less attractive…

Weird, i’d say doing pugs just became more appealing to me, like Lashabb mentionned, no more whining and begging when you get an item someone else also wants.
I like the fact that dungeons including UBRS will not allow lootsharing, no rolling for friends and what not.

I love doing pugs, and the reasons that would have kept me from doing a lot of them just got removed.

Good job Blizz! :+1:


Wow!! I did not expect to see this.
What a really nice compromise! I mean that.

Hey all, just wanted to make everybody aware that we made an update to the original post with the following information:

We saw some confusion about a specific part of this post so we want to be clear that Customer Service will NOT be transferring items in WoW Classic and the system that we outlined will be in the players’ hands. If we were to go down the road of developing a policy on item trading, we believe it would end up allowing the exact same kind of abuse that we are trying to minimize with the 2-hour trade window system which we outlined in the original post.

Ninja looting does have consequences in the community and those who do it will have trouble getting invited to group. In other words: your reputation will matter. Remember to play nice, play fair folks!



Now, about pre 1.12 AV…

wowow another one

Perfect :slight_smile:

You can eliminate ninja looting for friends and other people who pay others for also needing/rolling for gear in Raids by removing the 2-hour trade window completely also in raids and then don’t respond to tickets cause then it can only be one persons fault if the loot goes to the wrong person and that is the Loot Master or someone who needs the item just to vendor it.

It would be a much better solution for everyone and eliminate ninja looting completely.

Love classic, want everything to stay the same, but awful choice. Will still see loot robbing, ninjaing and contacting support all over again because of ifs and buts. Dreadful.

I mean if you ninja loot everyone will know this and nobody will invite you, it is worth to win a trinket for your reputation? No

Ask Blizzard they traded they soul see how it goes

Not sure if you played or not, but when somebody ninja’s your loot a few times, just like when Classic was live, you’ll QQ and you’ll encounter much more QQ. Spending 2 hours on a dungeon to find the one item you wanted gets ninjaed more than one time and Blizzard will provide you 0 help will quickly change your mind. Furthermore, most people do it on their alts and rename them.

The “society” in WoW evolved, I don’t expect the same things to happen, everyone knows how to deal with it now, everyone knows it, they know what to do when they get ninja looted (get a trusted group and make a reputation for the other guy and his guild)

Hopefully you get ninjaed first and I’m excited to see your QQ thread.

quelqu’un peut traduire ?

Il pense que se faire ninja c’est pas sans répercussions sur le ninja looteur

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I actually understand this. Go me. My fifteen year old rusty French still semi works.

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Wow you still remembered “répercussion” anyways ? Hats off !

Edit : its the same in English… I’m dumb :man_facepalming:

Yeah, we probably stole that from you lol.

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