Lor'themar should not lead the Sin'dorei


Rommath and halduron really need more development. Theyd be good answers/counterparts for jaina/alleria.
Rommath is susposed to be on jainas lvl powerwise but has done basicly nothing ingame and halduron just the same.

If means development fir them id be ok with no lorethemar for while. Espcially for rommath so can have some blood elf magic user/ mage in action.
Well atleast once get new writers cause with current theyd be villainbatted and killed of instead.


Why we neef a elf faction and rule over the lesser races ; )


And Alleria “accidentally” almost void corrupted the Sunwell,. Their precious Sunwell, light empowered, they rather recently got back. So yeah, exiling Void researchers sounds perfectly sane.

If you read abit about Blood Knights and the powers they are able to Harness, you would quickly realise Liadrin is very well much stronger than him, and the Matriarch of the Blood Knights, belf special forces so to speak.

He has already saved those before. Thats why he attacked Jaina on the isle of Thunder.

Well I condemn him for that too, so no argument here

(Brigante) #44

Rather amusingly wrong. If you had played WoD you would see that the Blood Elves very much go in for the ‘Combined Arms’ approach, forming battlegroups made up of Blood Knights, Mages, -Rangers- and supported by Anima-Golems. Heck, play in Nazjatar and that’s an awful lot of Rangers knocking around there.

Ah, let me correct you on your lore then. I mean that never happened even by such ancient and out of date times 15 years back, so no idea where you get that from.

No reason for them to do so, they already exist. By the way, if you -are- going to try trolling and pretending that there is only Classic then do get your wording correct old boy. TBC was -an- expansion, it was not the -next- expansion. There would already have had to have been an expansion for it to be the -next- expansion, which isn’t playing along with the childish narrative established of trying to pretend that Classic is the current state of affairs.

Again, your Lore-fu is weak.

Again, cute try, poor lore comprehension. I mean I know Classic didn’t have as much lore, but even by then, anyone who had played the WC games would have known that the Blood Elves did survive the invasion, honestly, if you are going to try this charade at least get your own -Classic- lore correct, eesh. By the way, how come an entire continent that everyone knew existed from WCIII suddenly vanished off your maps? Gotta love that Classic (lack of) lore.

Frankly it would still be less cringeworthy than this bargain basement Stadler and Waldorf routine some people are insisting on, whats the matter, ran out of boars to kill?

Imagine being so deluded that you think everything implemented in the Asian version of the game automatically transfers to the Western game. I mean for that to happen you would have to not understand the concept that one is a retail game, the other is a franchise, that one is lacking a whole plethora of mobs, on the grounds that they were culturally insensitive to the Oriental market, That their Forsaken have elbows and knees, that they pay for the game differently, imagine being that obtuse to think that market research is a mythological beast. That would be a poor state to be in. Only thing that could make it worse, is if you then tried to ridicule such things that you know nothing of, in threads nothing to do with it, I mean that would look pathetically needy for attention…

You might need to reconsider how much time you are spending spanking boars. Horde aren’t real people. They are a fictional faction on a fictional gameworld, in a computer game. If the lines are starting to blur for you, you probably should take a break.

Phew, good thing it never happened then

Spoken like someone who has no idea what the Horde is actually about.

I mean we have established that you are trolling at this point, however as I don’t abide by the ‘Cult of the Idiot’ that regards trolling as an art form, I will continue to make mock of you. You sir, need to consider the inconsistency of your arguments. And read the Lore. You seem to be woefully unaware of the lore of the game you proclaim to like. Back to smacking boars for you, or you’ll get no supper. Still, at least you do not have school tomorrow, so that is something, can we expect more Ostrich like burying of your head in the sand in the future, or have you got your fit of widdling on other people’s parade in matters that have not the slightest jot of relevance to you out of the way? If so, Hush now, Grown ups are talking.

Except that he has. If you recall the dialogue at Razor Hill, where Vol’jin and Baine are talking about making their move, Baine says they should wait for Lor’themar to return from the Isle of Thunder. Kinda obvious therefore that he knows a) What Lor’themar is up to, and b) that he knows he is on their side. Kinda a massive bit of guesswork otherwise, wouldn’t you say? I mean the NPC’s don’t -only- talk to each other in cut scenes or where the player character can see them do so, you know?

Actually, again No. Lor’themar Theron was on the front lines, leading people, already a Ranger-Lord. Kael’thas did jack shiz till daddy was dead, then made some really questionable choices, that ultimately were not in the best interests of his people, eventually dying a reviled traitor. He didn’t lead his people through it. He ran off to Outlands and left Lor’themar with the job and the hard choices. It was Lor’themar that got them into the Horde after Alliance aggression, not Kael’thas.

Or because Exile is, and has always been the traditional Elven way of dealing with such things, rather than Execution. That is -nothing- new.

Last two times he did that it didn’t exactly end well, did it. I mean Dar’khan and Kael’thas are not exactly stellar examples of why Mage=Wisdom now are they?

No, she is just perfectly happy to blackmail them and more recently throw them under the bus for her bizarre idea of Peace. I mean you would have thought if she was going to ‘give’ Eastern Kingdoms to the Alliance in return for the Horde having Kalimdor, then telling LTT would have been the courteous thing to do?

That is just pathetic writing on Blizzard’s behalf, nothing to do with Lor’themar. Turalyon and Alleria? Yeah, OK, maybe as a one off, Rhonin and Vereesa? Rubbish self insert by Knaak and blatantly copying already existing motif’s Sylvanas and Nathanos, well looky here, who wrote the short story confirming they were a couple, why, that would be Steve Danuser. Who’s favourite character in WoW is Steve Danuser’s? Golly Gosh, that would be Nathanos. ANyway, they were all High Elves when they made those choices to have the family kink for dating hamster-lifespan like creatures of another Species, so have absolutely -nothing- to do with Lor’themar.

So I guess Rommath would be a rubbish leader as well then, given that he wanted Exile, not Death…as I say, it seems to be the way that Elves in general deal with things.

Exactly. Sylvanas has majorly screwed over the Blood Elves, leaving them the sole major power on Eastern Kingdoms that the Horde has. I can see why Lor’themar would be annoyed.

Except Sylvanas just did that, she bailed on Eastern Kingdoms and is now happy as larry in Kalimdor, leaving the blood Elves on their own, apart from any remnants of the Forsaken left.

For an Elf it does, or have people forgotten why Dath’remar and the Highborne were exiled in the first place? As I say, this is an entirely consistent way for him to act. Its what Elves do.

Whoah whoah whoah, we know absolutely no such thing. Remember Farstriders also have magical abilities, and are described as being the healthiest and most resilient of Blood Elves. Blood Elves are described as having two units that could be classed as ‘Special Forces’ both described as Elites. the Blood Knights, as Heavy Cavalry, and the Farstrider Rangers. Blood Knights are not -the- elite, they are -a- elite.

I mean what would people rather? “Well, we were going to have some Horde investiture in Naz’jatar against Aszhara, but we realised no one likes Jaina, so sorry Horde, you miss out on this Raid, I mean we thought having the Lor’themar/Jaina tension of having to work together again was interesting, but hey, how about we throw in Nathanos instead, everyone loves Nathanos, and he makes perfect sense!”

Come on, get real.

Jaina has to be there because Christie Golden, and so they needed a character who is a Horde foil for her involvement to work with. It could only realistically be Baine or Lor’themar, and Baine would probably just help her for cuddles and ear scritches, whereas at least with Lor’themar you know they don’t really like each other that much…

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The classic players you quoted are just trying to relive their pre butthurt days before Burning Crusade and the Blood Elves joining the Horde.
(Wich totally happened cuz asian girlfriends or some shett)

(Zarao) #46

I doubt it’s part of Sylvanas goals to abandon the continent that holds her territory.
The endgame here was to hold both Kalimdor and the EK, and nothing indicates she weights either as more important than the other.

The reason to attack Teldrassil had nothing to do with the meta advertisement about having a red and a blue continent. The plan to attack Teldrassil was because it was the most isolated and vulnerable stronghold the Alliance faction had (mainly because of the maimed fleets).

And regardless of the above, I would approve of Lorthemar to not follow her. Or to think that she indeed did what you say.

The jarring bit of his current portrayal, is that he somehow thinks that the Alliance (and more specifically, Jaina), is a valid alternative.
It’s like he had a lobotomy that erased what happened some time ago.

(Araphant) #47

“You believe we can secure Kalimdor,” he said. “The entire continent.” It wasn’t a question. The Alliance’s main strength was in the Eastern Kingdoms. The Horde’s was in Kalimdor.

“We would win one battle, not the war,” Saurfang said. “If we shift the balance of power, the Alliance will respond in kind. Our nations in the Eastern Kingdoms would be vulnerable to retaliation.”

“Especially mine,” Sylvanas said.

“They might try to conquer the Undercity . . . but Darnassus becomes our hostage against that. The night elves will not allow your city to fall if they fear it means you will destroy theirs . The same goes for a strike against Silvermoon.” Saurfang’s thoughts raced. She’s right. This could work.

And with them, every hope the Horde had of winning a clean war against the Alliance. Teldrassil was supposed to be the wedge that would destroy Stormwind. Now, it would be the Alliance’s rallying cry until every nation of the Horde was rent to dust.

Anduin Wrynn would declare war immediately—and every one of his allies would answer his call.

The Alliance would stop at nothing in their search for vengeance.

Sylvanas also mentions that the Eastern Kingdoms Horde is vulnerable even during the Council with Garrosh, in the previous war.

I am dying to know how Sylvanas escalating a war into oblivion will not influence the position of the single Horde Stronghold left on the continent where the Alliance is in a position of strength, and who’s position Saurfang himself calls vulnerable.

Like it or not, Sylvanas ditched the blood elves the moment she put that torch to Teldrassil.

(Zarao) #48

Which made the move a tad more stupid than it already was.

Her goals shifted from having a valuable hostage, to a situation that aimed at inflicting as much damage possible and then trying to weather the consequences of it.
Even if I do agree it was as stupid as it was random, it’s not as if she gave up on the EK altogether. She then rushed to defend the lands of EK after all.
Her goals just shifted for a different strategy (even if the new one was definitely riskier than the former).

Going for the hyperbole that says that she abandoned the EK, still is rather wrong.

And I’ll repeat, that I would gladly have Lorthemar seeing it that way and deciding to abandon the Horde to defend his land, instead of running back to Jaina.

(Araphant) #49

You can not deny that by escalating the war, she put the blood elves in a risky situation.

Like, we can talk about what her plans and motivations are,(we can’t, since Blizzard keeps changing them every two seconds, and she is also playing 4D chess) but this is pretty much undeniable.

I myself wouldn’t say she abandoned the Eastern Kingdoms fully, simply because I don’t know what to make of the current lore.

For instance, the premise of the War of Thorns is that neither faction is capable of reinforcing the other continent, because no fleet.

Despite that, according to the game, you have Dwarves and Humans fighting in Ashenvale, and an entire army of Kalimdor Horde in Arathi.

Well, classical case of Blizzard writing I suppose. If they were already wanting Lor’themar to tag along with Jaina, a move which they knew would anger people, they could have at least explained his motivation properly.

It wouldn’t even be hard, like, two quotes in the quest text.


You really are the master of british humour you claim to be. That, or the butt of the joke. One or the other. What might it be…


That is true, but it is also the obvious bait here.

Sylvannas practically holds Kalimdor while still having a stronghold on Eastern Kingdom ( and I believe we can agree that a fallen Naaru spaceship the Draenai have on Kalimdor is a far cry from Silvermoon which is a full blown Castle in the Eastern Kingdoms).

So , its a clear invitation. If they attack Silvermoon, she can attack anywhere in the Eastern Kingdoms. She already “won” Kalimdor.

So by default the Alliance was put into a disadvantage here.

They pulled of the destroying Zandalari ships which would be good if not for sylvannas trap on Najzatar.

With both fleets in ruins though belfs are certainly in danger

(Araphant) #52

I have been reading this post for the last 10 minutes, I still don’t understand what you are saying.

No, she did not. Lore-wise, the humans are attacking the Barrens, Ashenvale is in flames (about half of it held by night elves), Darkshore is under attack.

She can not, unless she is capable of mass teleporting an entire army with the needed supplies, in order to assault an Alliance dominated continent. Good luck with that.

Borderline, what are you even saying to me?


M8, I think the general forum is a better place for your lore knowledge.


How dare you talk like that to the, and I quote, “big boys”?!


By the light, I heard the horde has recruited a new race of trolls called the Darkspear, but they somehow look uglier than the amani. Well, guess that’s what happens when you send one small tribe to a one small island.

But I won’t be rude, taz’dingo my friend!


Thats according to ur mission table not any novels.

So yeah… if we start considering that into cannon whatever man.

Sure as you say

(Rangoor) #57

Can you prove it is not?


What time period are you guys talking about? Because in 8.1.5 Nathanos states that the Horde is losing on every front, which would include every front in Kalimdor (Darkshore too). So, No, Darkshore is not just under attack, it’s moved past that stage.


Nope, just as you cannot prove it is.

Such events, prob same with Warfronts, will be clarified by a Chronicles book or something later.

For example u may have played through UBRS in Vanilla as Alliance, but cannon, the Horde killed that dungeon.

So while doing it u could claim u killing that is cannon, but is not.

So I would categorize it as “vague” the least. Certainly not to be taken too seriously though

(Rangoor) #60

It is in game which, funny enough, turns out to be a canon source unless stated otherwise. If you can show where blizzard has said this is non canon then please, link it.