Lor'themar should not lead the Sin'dorei

And your reading comprehension still hasn’t reached above grade school level, I fear…

But to take it seriously: The writers put that monologue in. They made it unprompted by you or other NPCs. They clearly demonstrated that Gallywix has been thinking about the morality of the situation. Why? Because they wanted to show that Gallywix is perfectly cognisent of his moral responsibilities, but is deliberately ignoring them, making him willfully evil? Sounds a bit strange to me. He makes the argument against his position, and leaves it standing unopposed.

On the other hand, if it was used to highlight that he isn’t happy with his own role, the monologue would make a lot of sense to me.

I don’t claim to know which of these options it is, but I do think it’s quite stupid to be fully certain that it’s just a joke.


Gallywix is supposed to be like that. Which is why they build up Gazlowe as his actual morality leaning counter part.

He is supposed to bring moral questions up? That’s actually news to me.

I didnt actually say that, i was quoting Jabjan.

Why thank you, I do try. I mean you know that is the quintessential nature of British humour, yes? Self Deprecation. We’re very good at it. Making yourself the backhanded butt of the joke is a way to ensure that you never really get riled about anything people say. A top tip a lot of folks on the Internet could take as a good course of action.

I assume by that you mean that Gallywix represents the more repellent aspects of Goblins, unashamedly so, whereas Gazlowe actually seems like a fairly decent chap, or tries to give across that image?

I mean I thought Gallywix’s main point was that he is (almost) completely amoral. He only cares for one person in the world apart from himself, and she hates him. He’s really not the best character to reflect morality issues, given that he pretty much has no morality of his own…

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Sylvanas? Forsaken forces still help guarding Ghostlands.

Do they lorewise? I thought it was just TBC/ WotLK period.

It’s kind of sad to see the guy who has been depicted as quite the skeptic to jump in the Alliance bandwagon driven by Jaina Proudmoore.

Imagine still being in need of additional forces in the Ghostlands after the PC cleaned out Deatholme in the zone questline over 10 years ago.

I dunno how much control Golden has over her stories but she’s twice now been involved with books and novellas that depict the Ghostlands as the same Scourge infested hellhole as it was over a decade ago with no sign of improvement. The Windrunner family estate was cleared out twice for goodness sake and again in the Belf heritage quest. It’s disappointing since their written work gives them a chance to explore the different zones after taking new lore and old quests into account.

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