Losing consistently 9/10 BGs

Can anyone tell me why practically every BGs I enter is a loss and not just a loss but a bash at that?

and its every day and not just Russians its like 8/10 games we get smashed hard and it makes me wonder how the this be because it’s not just bad luck, other people are telling me the same thing.

How could this be? Poor Battlegroup?

To give some example I just played 4 games there now, 1 AV, 1 AB and 2 WSG.

In the AV Ally had taken both base towers and G/yard within minutes game ended without even a whimper, we managed one tower. The AB they took 3 bases then 5 game ended inside 5 mins. The 2 WSG they wont 3 nil and were spawn camping after 2nd minute.

How is this possible/allowed?

I love PVP but waiting 20 mins for this? Over and over? It will force me to quit.

Epic bgs is kinda random but if u play normal bgs solo u get vs premades mostly, thats why u lose all normal bgs.

Any way around that?

yeah when mercenary mode is up you can play as alliance, all premades do this for faster queue so you wont face them, most likely you will even have a premade group in your team . It is weird but it works

Yes, if u playing horde u faced mostly ally premade and lose. Playing as ally merc faced horde pugs and you are not in premade, but horde pugs stronger - u mostly lose.

I guess play premades urself but that’s kinda chicken so i don’t know.

in epic BG yeah, in normal BG i dont think so it is kinda 50/50

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