Losing rating for draw as healer

Why? It’s actually a bizarre choice just to annoy people

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sometimes you also win rating when you draw.
Its 2024 and people still dont understand how a matchmaking system works.


Enemy healer is lower MMR than you > 3-3 > you lose MMR / rating
Enemy healer is higher MMR than you >3-3 > you win MMR / rating
Enemy healer same MMR > 3-3 > +0

Quite simple. Since you are matched against a lower rated opponent, the system assumes you will win more games than him. You didn’t, so you didn’t prove the system correct for it.

That’s how it works.

If you lose rating for tying its because you were put into a lobby you were expected to go positive in, thats the TLDR :slight_smile:

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They really should reconsider the 3/6 negative rating if a dps either go 0/6 though.
Not the healers fault in that case

Of course it can be the healers fault.

I watched a warrior go 0-6 when playing DPS.

3 rounds with a resto druid he lost because he was just sitting in roots/dispellable CC constantly.

Then when he played with the disc priest, that healer died within 30 seconds first round. Another round he swapped someone when I had my hammer of justice ready and he had no trinket, I stunned him instantly and he died in it. Last round the healer died again within 30 seconds.

I still stand by my previous statement

In the short PVP ask question with venruki, they ask the Dev that question, and they said they will think about it and a more fair healer MMr systhem

And if somone says its they same as DPS its not, only the other healers MMr count for you so if you are 2k and win against 2 dps with 2.2 mmr it just calculate the mmr of your oppenent healer

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Its not that simple considering that if a 2120 healer vs a 2145mmr healer,the level of skill is the same eaven a 2100MMr healer and a 2300 mmr healer are not far apart

But the small differt of 25 mmr witch is nothing considering the soloq jumps of raiting you can have and the games tell you that if you the higher mmr one by 25 points that your enemy healer is so “low” on mmr that you need too be 4-2 for just keeping your mmr, how is this fair

As DPs its way more smooth and fair, i stop playing healer and switch too dps and it feels worst you can have is a 2-4 if the lobby is against you and thats only -20. 3-3 as DPS is almost always a gain and you have just press your buttons, and 4-2 is rly not that hard too get and give a good amount of +

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Healer system in SS need big rework…

Right now its a ultimate waste of time, as healer you have feeling that all people around you have party but you are only one who pay the bill…

Overall its like that:
30% loses = legit loses
50% loses = guys who die with bubble aviable, hunters which never use turtle etc, in short things which are out your control
20% loses = wintrader companies, if other healer is a client expect 0:6

Than those idiotic draw games which tank down your MMR, then you win match just to be rewarded with +20, but when you lose you are ALWAYS punished with -65 minimum, even if doing well and just one incident occour from above list you gonna pay the price, and its ALWAYS your fault as healer.

Its so hard to progress as healer that people start to doubt that its even possible without outside help in form of wintrading. I can sacrifice my left hand to elemental lords if blizzard check match history of top people half of em will eat ban hammer for not legitly earning their stuff.

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They are analyzing. You have to wait :grin::v:

what do you suggest? What should blizzard change that you are happy?

take some responseability. You are doing tons of mistakes every single round. If you would focus on that you would be higher ratings like many other healers.

not really no. If you are good enough you easily climb.

people? who exactly besides you is doubting that? nobody.

you are just delusional.

btw i tried healing this season too in shuffle and got 2300 pretty fast and im telling you im doing so many big mistakes every single shuffle lobby its insane and im still climbing.

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Didn’t make the thread but I’m gonna reply why I’ve abandoned Shuffle completely as a healer:

  1. Healer MMR being broken. Not sure if that’s still the case but when I’ve played Shuffle (start of S2) out of the top 100 ranked people in Shuffle only 3 of them were playing a healer. Even tho I don’t play on that level this is frustrating and completely unacceptable.

  2. I hate how the matchmaking tries to avoid mirror matches, which results in constantly having to play 6 rounds against whatever healer is op in Shuffle currently if you’re not fotm rerolling by yourself. They should just screw over their entire ranking system and make your Shuffle rank % based on your spec.

  3. I know that some people like it but I hate the 6 round format to a point there it’s a dealbreaker for me. I wish it’d just be a normal 3v3 mode with soloq instead that. Having to play 6 rounds back to back with heavily increased dampening feels so tedious and exhausting (and yes, I’m aware that reducing dampening in Shuffle isn’t an option, but moving away from the 6 round format is).

It’s broken indeed, there are more holy priests above 2.4 than bm hunters
I’m 2.6 mmr in shuffle and i face 2.4 healers and i expect them at least use every single cd they have, but what i have is backpedalling and typing “xD” in chat with swap not used

I guess blizzard fixed mmr for healers and now it’s skill issue

I honestly have no idea what the point of your post is. There are more holy priests than DHs and retris as well, does this mean that it’s stronger than DH/Retri or maybe is this the case because there are only 7 healing specs compared to 40+ dps specs?
The healers you face in Shuffle are on average roughly playing as good as you do, otherwise the matchmaking wouldn’t put them into your lobbies.

I’ve just checked the ladder and the highest healer in only ranked at place 18. There are only 4 healers in the top 50 and all 4 are the same player on different characters. The second placed healer is at rank 65. So I guess Blizz haven’t fixed the issue that healer MMR is still more deflated than dps MMR.

you can even go 6-0 and not gain any rating haha

Why do you even point that? Don’t wanna upset you, but, first, there are same character with high rating on multiple specs as dps. And, second, in this top 50 or even top 100 there are 1-2 hours queues for dps and almost same for healers. And high mmr healer also can get extremely low mmr healer vs them while sitting long queue. So, it’s rare somebody queue shuffle here and people sitting with their rating for months, and nobody cannot push higher because of it

It’s 200 holy priests above 2.4 → single spec
41 bm hunter + 41 surv + 82 mm hunters = 164 places above 2.4
And I myself have all 3 specs around 2.5-2.6cr

Yes, people playing several alts is common for both healers and dps. But when you filter for people above 2700, it shows that there are 76 melees, 60 casters and 37 healers. It’s getting a bit better for 2,4 and 2,1 but the trend of healers being underrepresented continues.

But you still can’t compare it in such a way. That’s like comparing apples and oranges.

And only one of my complaints was about healer MMR, the other 2 points are design issues in Shuffle. And your first response was only how you have healers in your lobbies who don’t press buttons, which isn’t very helpful.

Why should it bother you? xD You are trying to achieve top 50 ladder? I guess not

Why not? Statistics proves that there are more holy priests than bm hunters. So, right now, there is harder to get 2.4 on bm hunter than holy priest. And you can’t deny it, for you it’s just skill issue

Even pro players are complaining that they can’t get rating on their mains and they got 200 more rating on a DPS they just started playing.

Well the pros who are hardstuck 200 rating lower than their DPS toon would disagree. Also when you look at every season it’s almost impossible to find healers at the very top of the ladder. Are all healers just bad or maybe is the system not healer friendly?

The spreads this season got better, but still even sites like Drustvar show up to an even 4% difference in precentiles when comparing healer to DPS, that means is actually harder for healers to get higher rating.

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