Lower Kara bugs

Think i’ve noticed some bugs in lower kara (Key was +12)

1: At Opera Hall Beautiful Beast did we kill all the other bosses then we got to Coggleston and our rogue got one shot at an instant the moment we could attack him by a silver fork. I as a tank could not see or target the silver fork before it had already plowed though the hunter too in just a few seconds. Not sure if Fortified somehow is affecting them.

2: The Spectral Charger near horseman keeps casting their Trampling Stomp even though they get interrupted. The cast bar goes away and tell the spell have been interrupted but the explosion animation comes shortly after and damage meter seemed to show we took the damage too

Boosting doesnt.

Prob aggro instead of a bug

How can i get aggro on something i can’t target and thunderclap don’t grab either.

Beside that how do i prevent a melee player from getting one shot the split second it spawns. For me was it like he casted Kara Kazham and the split second after the dps was dead and the forks became visable after it murdered the second dps which was the hunter.

Ye weird but at the same time have seen some weird things happening this patch so ye can be a bug

My bigest issue is horseman this week , it has some weird threat resets when he jump on back on horse .

I know he always had that reset, but this week it looks like he ignores my taunts . I taunted him 3 times in 5sec window and still 2 of my dps got claped by meele .

I have a suspsicion it has something to do with blizz removing that mechanic but might also be just a random bug .

How do you taunt 3 times in 5 sec?

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In incarnation taunt Cd is reduced to 1.5sec

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