Lower Kara Wikket Boss needs some tuning

I have now attempted 6 Lower Kara keys at 22, 21, 21, 21, 20 and 19. All of which ended on the first boss. The Winged Assistants hits like a truck and it’s literally RNG oneshots on everyone. Not only do they hit that hard their healthpool is insanely big. In my last run my team lusted and popped pot and CDs on those adds and we still didn’t manage to kill all adds b4 second spawn. They hit for 30k a hit and it’s on random targets, 3 of those apes targeting a healer or DPS and it’s good night.

Please tune this key, atm it might be doable for teams with alot of mob controll and grips. Perhaps with grps with enough ST to kill boss and enough CC to CC the mobs (6+).

Last but not least this is a fortified week. Imagine this boss on Tyra.

Example total overall damage breakdown for the dungeon up to this boss and including this boss (1 pull) at lvl 22, bossfight lasted for 2 min~ we did 15% trash b4 boss:
Throw “Stuff” 1.5M Damage
Melee 1.3M Damage
Grievous Wound 166K Damage


Wikket currently is absolutely atrocious, immobile mobs that shred everyone while you somehow also need to still do damage to boss and get into the knockup swirlies when required.

Imagine if that boss…ever did show up on Tyranical xD omg it feels like a Tyranical boss, and I have only done a 12, rest of the dungs I’ve done at 16 and higher, I’ll not step foot in there, I got my cloak bis, I am done xD!


On a 21 they hit for about 16.5~17.5k, so not 30k. However, it’s still very much over-tuned. We killed it on 20, but ended up dropping it to a 19 anyway and couldn’t kill it again.

Wikket adds need huge tuning. I can’t imagine this fight on a Tyranical.

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I keep trying Upper and Lower in pugs, not that I am perfect, but they expect too much from a healer. The “we f… up and take unneeded damage, and you fix it” mentality. I kind of gave up on the 2 dungeons for this week, pugs are a mess.

This boss, you’re waiting perfectly for the moment to get on your platform to jump, and then someone just takes it away, same thing 2nd attempt, then I’m out.

The only boss, I admit, I suck at, it the last one of Upper K. , and Attumen depends on whether the group shares they got the ghost on them or not.

Upper Kara is a lot of fun, and isn’t that badly tuned if you ask me. Lower Kara, on the other hand … Yeeesh! I’d timed all my keys on 15-17 except lower kara which was stuck at 8. The problem with overtuned mechanics is exacerbated by lower competancy of sub-15 groups, which just makes it even worse. I finally got a GREAT group that timed a 13, and I’m fishing to get into a 15 group to access more skilled players. Not that I’m perfect by any means, but I have no problems healing anything other than the one-shot mechanics.

Updated to my main char :slight_smile:

Most probably true to some extend. I pug most if not all of my keys, but quite a number of people doing these 15s thinking their ilvl Will blast them through so they can avoid some mechanics.

Me as a healer, I tend to make more mistakes when I spend most of my time fixing others. I try to change that, but as a healer, when someone is about to die, I see it as my duty to do something about it. Result afterwards is getting PMs saying all kinds of diseases thrown at me, that I can die etc…

IF wikket stays like this it will be awful on tyranical

I dunno what team comp u had but i literally took the avg hit numbers from my details info when i said 30k. I had clothies getting absolutely annihilated by throw stuff. I managed to kill the boss on a 22, but that was with lusting first adds and potting 2nd, in addition to having AOE stun rotation and AoE fear rotation to stop casts. Compared to other keys this key is very overtuned (with this boss in particular). Other things in the dungeon just got nerfed. I am Shooked that this boss did not receive any nerfs, i am terrified to see this boss hit together with Tyranical next time it is around :slight_smile:

My details death log on DH was ranging from 16.5k to 17.5k on a 21 for the last 3 hits before I died. No defensives up, was with prot pala, enh, rsham, outlaw.

What you listed as average is not correct as the adds would literally block you up. Even if your numbers were from a 22 it wouldn’t be more than 20k a hit. People were doing this key on a 27, there’s no way that the scaling from 22 to 27 on 30k would make it possible to do so.

It will, but only because NA will run into the issue this week.

You say wicked was hard. Try Westfall Story tyra-week with explo :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, that didn’t go so well

Best response would be:

Boom! :slight_smile:

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I still need to time a 15. Only have a +13 for lower kara so far. Pushing 18 on the rest of the dungeons this week. Not looking forward to lower kara :frowning: This dungeon is too big of a ask already, and groups thinking explo is a healer job … Fook my life.

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That indeed IS a problem. Healer’s help, I do most ranged ones yeah, but if 9 pop at a time, I’m no miracle worker. Normally I do dmg when I don’t have to heal, in this week prio order is :

  • heal
  • orbs
  • dmg

Plus melee orbs, are really for melee, hard to target those.

People always say everything is a healer’s job, they’re just lazy then. Healer is for support sure, but it’s not supposed to be their main task. If people are lazy, then they wipe.

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What is the 1st boss this week in EU? Is it easier than last week?

It is Westfall Story and it is not easier than last week. I think each week the difficulty is the same with the 1st boss. Which means it is always hard.

Yeah the last week’s boss seemed way easier than this current. Why NA players lied and said that EU have the easier boss this week??