Lower karazan Horesman - how do I know who to dispell?

So I tried to heal lower karazan, and I have no idea how to find the correct target to dispell on a last boss. Any tips? I tried low level key, and just dispelled randomly, and even my 4th dispell still did massive damage to whole group. Which means out of 4 dispell attempts - I still didn’t guess correct target…

Professionals with “git gud” please don’t bother, thank you.

Your probably right about not seeing it some classes make it hard to see, plus the fact it changes. Probably one the stupidest mechanic in an instance. A proper pug breaker and abuse creator.


Use this.

Thx I will try it :slight_smile:

Since it hasn’t actually been mentioned - the correct target will periodically have a ghost over its head. But yeah, if the whole group has the WA it’s a non-mechanic.

The ghost dispelling is indeed a pain in the @ss. even on a +2. i have the weakaura ( if it works) and fail 95% on that boss. if this stays like this. im not going to get my m+ rating for the first time cuz i will Leave kara and will not play it. maybe its my age and I need betther eagle vision but…its not easy to see.

Funny they made the game so complicated you need external programs. Very friendly for new players ;p

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I always tell the group to share when they’re ghosted as well. It’s a 100% wipe mechanic, so they should either have a weak aura, macro or stop what they’re doing to type something.

Especially melee groups are hard to spot I noticed, esp. when they’re all stacked of course :wink:

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Blizzard should do something about it because this mechanic is not visible enough. Moreover depending on classes, spell effects, pc config, it is definetly random to find clues about who is the ghost.
I am even not speaking about the fact that it is lethal. The objective is that players can understand and deal with the mechanic.
From guild group, it is frustrating to play with such a poor design.
From pug perspective, discussion at beginning of dungeon can result on a healer bashing, leave, etc…
Ok, there is weak auras… Blizzard should correct the ability to always display the ghost and find a visual that is not misleading and not hidden depending on classes (guardian drood, etc…) or spell effect (mage clones, etc…)


This is a good video to give you a visual of what to look for (big ghost that looks like the boss on the warlock). It can be quite difficult to see depending on the group especially when things get hectic.

I resorted to the WA because I couldn’t see it for the life of me amongst the other visual clutter that is wow and I know what to look for.

Which WA are you using exactly? Is it one that shouts it out, or puts it in the “chat” ?

Linked in 3rd post.

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Also when u usw that WA and pug make sure u share it at start of run, it works best if everyone has it .

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Luckily its been dropped but always easier without Shadow Priests or Warlocks in group :slight_smile:

Kharazan is the reason why I stopped playing m+ this season. I know they nerfed it, but much like SOFO, the excessive difficulty ruined my motivation and I don’t want to go back. Finishing up the loremaster feels more fun and enjoyable to me, which is kind of sad.

You dont have to know how to dispell this debuff. Do like you do with any other thing you wanna do properly in this game and use an addon or weakaura for that.

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