LVL 1 Orc Race Nethergarde Keep

Hello Nethergarde Keepers,

Are you ready for the weirdest event of the year 2020?
Every Orc from near and far gather to run all the way from Orgrimmar to Silithus with no goal other then to reach our final destination: The Gates of AQ!
Why you ask? Cause we can, take every opportunity to be naked and can leave our axe at home for once!
Wether you run fast or slow, alone or with friends, you’ll make it as long as you keep trying! So make sure to stretch, bend over, then get out there and show the world what we orcs are made off!

1st price: 500g
2nd price: 250 g
3rd price: 100g

Place and time
The gather up is at Orgrimmar bank at 19:00 ST on 08-08-2020.
The initial race starts at the southern gates of Orgrimmar at 20:00 ST and ends at the stairs of the AQ opening gates.

Sign up and Rules
For signing up and reading up on the rules of participation, go to
Or whisper Rayeine/Jinxit of Nomads in-game on server Nethergarde Keep.

Feel free to hang around afterwards and enjoy the ride!

The only troll that loves orcs.


Count me in.

This reminds me of Criken’s great stampede to ironforge.

Sounds fun!

We did a guild event like this a couple months back. Level 1 taurens to the dark portal. It was a freaking blast.

Stv alone took half the time of course. Sacrificing other level 1 taurens just so you could run 20 yards yourself.

Gl hf!


I’ve been in a similar event in the past. Get ready, from Gadgetzan onwards it’s gonna be a very long and painful res-and-die march^^

Every ally from now on should be aware of this race and gank those shreks lol


That sounds hilarious. Unfortunately, I’ll be at work during those hours.

Please make a youtube video of it.

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Shame its a on a pve server,its pvp what is fun.

Oh… shame indeed :frowning:

Please oh please stream this or something.

The invite link for the discord channel is expired, could you link a new one?

PvE realm is why you can have events like these, without moronic griefers like you ruining the fun.


Indeed. A small group of Alliance players would be able to ruin the entire event on a pvp server. This is what happens when you host community events on PVP servers:

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Do i smell soiled baby diaper from mister troll

Enjoy it while you can, I wonder what you’ll do once everybody leaves for TBC and you’re left alone in a ghosttown server.

But that made that event memorable

For the griefers, sure

For the whole community
For example, you and that draenei paladin know about this event because of this

I dunno, I’d rather play in peace (as in, having control over my gameplay experience) than being on the receiving end of Youtube-viral levels of griefing. But you do you.

The whole conversation wasn’t about your realm type choice, but about how this event become so popular among others as it happened on pvp server.
If you don’t like pvp servers and prefer pve go ahead, no one cares