Lvl 60's in bg´s or sweaty people

So decided to get back into wow. Mistake I know, anyways heard that there is a pvp bg questline in shadowlands, took it and lost 5 bg’s in a row when there are people with over 20k hp, 1 shotting people. Is this normal? Or are they just lvl 50 twinks who for some reason farm max honor, buy gear and then continue leveling?

been like this right from the SL prepatch. Blizzard made horrible pvp gear honor upgrade system so ppl have been grinding for honor so hard and they will till SL finally ends

Yikes…guess I can’t be a casual pvper anymore either :expressionless:

same for me, i liked it way more in bfa or in legion, now either you have cds and enemies start to pop, or you die in a second in turn

If I remember correctly lvl 50 is in a separate bracket, and also full of twinks/good geared characters from last expansion. It will get a lot better once you get into the 51-59 bracket.

Yeah go level to 51 and ur out the 50 bracket. Its full with alts decked in previous top end gear.

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