Lvling Northrend Eng. :(

Trying to level my Northrend eng to 50 so I could use a Moll-E, but stuck at level 1 without any of the regents available for me, none are in the A/H on my realm,
any advice?

Roll a mining alt.

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Mining skill: “Am i joke to you?”


Or ask in trade.

For one, talking about old items, not many have them stockpiled.
Those who do might not want to sell it on the AH due to deposit prices.

However you might find someone who is currently questing there and willing to trade with you.

Either picking up mining or having a mining alt will be a massive help here.
As other have mentioned some of those materials are going to end up being pretty rare now a days, you’re not likely going to find a lot of people who have those in their bags/bank or selling on the AH. Being able to go and gather those yourself on that character or an alt will speed things up for you.

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