M+ Affix Adjustments in Season 3

Wrong. It is situational. There are plenty of cases where Wo is far more useful, and other cases where haste is a waste, but cooldown reduction and mana+hp regen are insane.

They all have names. Vy is haste, Uhr is CDR, Wo is stealth. Not rocket science.

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Would be nice if KSM went accountwide at the same time as the valor cap is lifted. At that point in the season people don’t need much in the way of valor on their mains if they’ve gotten KSM so letting them send boxes to alts for easy upgrades would make gearing and playing alts a lot easier.

But it’s more than necessary.

Stop defending bad game design.

I agree with this. It really was the downer of last patch. Although I made lots of gold from spending the Valor on Heavy Callous Hide instead.

More? I mean, is it that hard to look at the name of a mob?

I would, if it was bad. It isn’t. All you need is to remember which Relic you want to kill, and do so. There’s not much more to it, and remembering a name. If that’s too much trouble, there are Weakauras which will put the effect of the Relic on their tooltips, so you’ll know which one’s the haste by having “+15% haste” on top of its nameplate.

I generally work on patterns, so I usually look at how something looks to tell the difference between them. Especially when in the think fast, move fast world of M+.

So when I see this low opacity mess all over my screens, with different shapes so high above my field of view it gets rather confusing.

They look horrible.

Letters are patterns.

Deciphering them is called reading. Kill the Vy pattern.


Don’t be so toxic and talking down like that. My brain just works differently to yours.

You know I don’t mean like that. I don’t even have nameplates turned on.

I look at how the mob looks. So I know which one I am killing/interupting.

It doesn’t work with these mobs because they’re not very clear to look at.

Then look at its name. Or just /assist the tank, and then you won’t even need to look. Or target literally anything else but the Relics and let the other 4 people prio kill whatever they want dead first, while you cleave at it at most.

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I do this, cause I’m still rusty.
Other people know them better, i cleave

Yes, that’s what I’m going to do tbh.

Not wasting time on this silly affix. All I want is KSM anyway. I won’t need to do again after a couple of weeks time.

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I’m not sure if I want ksm this season, it’s the last one, seems pointless to me.
Got it last season, was proud to do 18s, lol, and that’s it.
Back to doing 10-14 at most for weekly and call it a season :grin:

I just want the mount tbh.

It was fun going from +2 all the way to +15 the first time round… but these dungeons are old and boring now.

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This is not enterily true
it depends on your composition? :smiley:
i saw mages going for CDR all the time
specifically firemages to rotate combustion
haste is overall good but the CDR and movement speed + stealth is very good too

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Eh, the stealth one is quite useful. Speeds up mists quite a bit as well, freeing up pot usage instead of using invis pot if you don’t have anything to enable a skip.

Just to chime on the haste being the default: was in a necrotic wake run earlier where we took CDR all the time, rather than haste. It was mental, very well worth it for that particular comp. In another necrotic wake, we took haste all the time however (except once, where we took Uhr for my mana), and it worked equally well, because that comp preferred haste over CDR. Overall DPS was roughly the same in both cases, the CDR group had slightly higher overall.

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