M+ as a Holy

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probably because they are already mastery caped. they reached a point they dont need mastery so they go for other stats.

kinda relative.
haste gives cast speed and dot ticks faster
versa gives u damage and less dmg taken (helping the healer)

OP is asking about m+, not raids. You don’t stack mastery for m+ in the first place.

To answer OP, I can’t say for certainty which is better for dps but haste, crit and vers are all pretty close for m+, with vers gaining bit more value the higher you go due to reducing damage taken. It might just be that some got more haste and crit from their gear and others got more crit and vers, considering you still want ilvl above all else outside of few exceptions like rings and trinkets. Or the people running crit/vers also do a lot of raiding as well, since both are good for raiding as well.

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If you sim and look at the mathematics of how holy works. Then stacking matery is a good idea. Mastery is a 6-7 (maximum duration is 7 seconds ingame but you only tick twice which is 6 seconds) seconds hot, that ticks every 3 seconds. 40% mastery is just 40% extra to your healing delivered over 6 seconds but it stacks. Each spell cast that is an instant also adds to the mastery hot. The overall effect is massive single target healing. I have hit >6k hps single target doing this method. You can keep healing as it ticks. So the HoT is design to drop off fast. So its flash heal and the mastery HoT on top. This help you cover the spike damage to the tank but is CD dependent.

Think about it, all the instant CD you have, dropping them on one target. You have renew on the tank for 10% extra healing. This feeds the HoT from mastery. The other stats, vers and crit are optimised to feed the mastery HoT. Thus you get an optimal stat distrabution.

Stating you should not stack mastery. Well you should always be adding it to your gear. Mathematically speaking. The HoT healing is mana free. This is not to say that other stats do not have their importance.

If we look at Ask Mr Robot, you will see under gear check. There is a graph which shows the best stat distrabution. This shows 100% stacking of mastery.

This is easly seen once you know the mathematics for the spells. The whole mathematics for holy, is built around mastery.

No, he’s asking about dps which he should be for m+, mastery is the worst stat for m+ especially if you want to push higher.

Peddle your sims elsewhere.


Holy you cant really add much dps. We are limited by our intellect stat. DPS is next to meaningless for holy. With healing and dps’ing as needed. Well you wont get meaniful dps and do the healing. By removing mastery, you just destory your HPS. By stacking haste/crit/vers dps wont increase by much. At most I can hit 2k dps without healing and this is with CD’s that I would use for healing. If I heal then dps drops below 1k. If something happens to the tank, well I just spend the CD’s for dps. Hopefully GS is up. Also it takes you longer to react to healing events it you are dpsing. If the tank is taking it hard, well there will be zero dpsing this run.

DPS’ing as holy is not that big a deal. If the group lacks that much dps. You are not going to make a difference. You can help but your not a dps.

No for mythic plus mastery is not that much of a desired stat. It has it’s place, but falls short when compared to vers/crit/haste, specifically for dps reason. 20% mastery through a crit Heal spell is going to do more than 30% mastery through a non crit Heal, but crit also has the added benefit of increasing our dps.

For moments of intense healing like when prideful spawns, you won’t stop healing a target because your Echo is on them, thus further pushing mastery behind.

For M+ you want to be running flash concentration then crit/vers/haste which can be interchangeable depending on your play style.

Mod see this thread. Buff Holy Priest The other two threads are linked as well within this thread.

Not true at all, at a minimum you should be applying shadow word pain to each target that will endure it’s entire duration, holy fire on cooldown, and also if talented your chastise becomes an invaluable stun that can be made available more often with smite casts, and then you have the beautifully easy dps/healing increase through divine star, which I personally utilise as more of a dps option as opposed to a healing one, as once you have FC, you don’t really need something as pitiful as divine star for healing.

Flag whatever you want, like I said, I won’t let you spread false information, so here I am, not only shutting down your illogical comment, but also providing the OP with actual useful information.

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Anyone know the email of blizzard legal department. I have a right to post and not be harassed like this.

Whats next you lot are going to follow me home.

Attacking someone in each thread they post is against the forum rules of every forum. It always comes back to that first thread about FC. I put out my proof. You could not give an argument other than name calling. If you cant substanuate your argument then dont tell people they are wrong.

Believe me, if I could truly have it my way, I wouldn’t have to interact with you at all, but like I said, I will not have you post idiotic comments based on your stupid worthless sims that you run, to people who are actually looking for advice.

The best thing you could personally do for this community is leave, but we all know that won’t happen, so until then you won’t get away with spreading false information.

Enjoy your day, I’m not about to get into a back and forth with you again.

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You are posting on a public forum where people have the right to reply to you, Inukio has been polite to you. No one is harassing you, you are getting reply’s from people who disagree with you.

If you want to post without replies start a blog and disable comments.


This is from the post you linked above in reply to me. Moron is a derogatory term, yes it is name calling.

Please tell us more about who is attacking who.


Don’t worry, I have thicker skin than that and I’m sure Inukio and the other guys who replied to you do too.


Just start flagging his posts as trolling or inappropriate when it is worth flagging, he will eventually lose his privilege of posting on these forums.

Hope you are having a wonderful night though :slight_smile:

You too! I definitely have had some really great entertainment recently.

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These threads are linked, if you need to understand this thread.

My first post that this started. 18th Jan 2021. Its is now 26 Feb 2012. This is the same people. Four threads and over a month.

Been levelling this one tot 60 this reset, as I quite like it. That being said, what are defensive options during certain boss encounters in M+ ?

I raid on my main, but it’s not content I like the most tbf, M+ is my main content.

Also which legendary you would recommend? The one dropping in Sanguine Depths, or the one dropping from Sire?

In boss encounters a priest should avoid the damage. Some of the time like in ToP the boss wont target you. Take the lich and its soul stealing attack. It will only target you if dps are dead.

Trash mobs are a different story. I found them far harder to heal than the bosses. AoE healing is important on some trash pulls before the lich. Some groups need 10k hps at the drop of a hat. Divine Humn on its own wont cut it.

I have had little or no problems with single target healing but quite a few with AoE healing. I would pick a legendary based on that criteria. Remember you should reevaluate your build based on the content you are doing. Its a constant process.