M+ Cryptic Hero Title Score Updated Daily

In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Cryptic Hero title for Shadowlands Season 3. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 3 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% in each region.

Updated September 7

In this region, if Season 3 ended today, the title would go to those who scored at least:


Good luck!

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Gz to 0.1% hope it will be the last time the majority get ignored. Balance your game finally


rise up gamers cryptic hero for all


with my specc is not even obtainabole. ROFL


how about people who tried but only got to 3k :frowning: Cus their specc sucked.

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Lots of people with badly performing specs have made the cutoff. This is a very common excuse but it’s simply not the reason most people don’t get it


Even a BM hunter made the cutoff, what is your excuse

Define that .

In EU, 2 guardians druid are eligible for title rn
Meanwhile in EU, 295 blood DKs will get the title as of now .

Im not saying those “worse” specs should get title with less rating od be treated differently , but saying a lot of people did it with bad spec is kinda wrong


Well I have a list of the amount of people who are currently within the cutoff, without being a part of the usual meta comp.
3 dks (not blood)
51 dhs
23 druids
1 bm hunter
3 mm hunters
98 mages
51 brewmaster monks
2 mw monks
57 paladins
1 shadowpriest
2 discpriests
126 rogues
166 shamans
37 warrior

So yes, some specs are worse than others but I’d say that’s a lot of people.
It’s also magnified by the fact that most great players tend to go towards the better specs.
It is after all an achievement that not many people will get, so it makes sense that it takes a lot to get it but to blame a bad spec is kinda lazy. I’d somewhat accept that excuse if you ended up 5 points below the cutoff on the last day but if you’re only 3k score or whatever, that’s not your spec.

Like i said , it dont want to change it , and ofc dont make it for 3k , thats uber low for such achiev .

But look at those numbers 51dhs , while not meta exactly it boost both surv and dlock and still providing some nice dmg .

166 shamans , how many are resto? Also ele/enh are both very fine, not meta but far from bad specs .

Monk/pala has both quite good tank specs ( brn second best? ) so yea

Rogues…well, we all know why they are there right ? No other class has such control .

98 mages , guess there is like 3, arcane maybe ?

If u look at those bad specs, like one i mentioned , the numbers are there . People are definitely held back by their specs ( not 3k rio people) and the inbalance is unhealthy af.

So if u aint meta, and u are getin achiev , u most likely held your team back which is sad imho because u either rerol or whole team “suffers”

dont forget he bought it :wink:

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I fully agree that the balance is off and if you’re a very off-meta spec, you’re definitely holding your team back. The game will never be even close to balanced. It can’t have as much variety as it has without also being unbalanced.
But yeah you’d have to work harder in order to get the title if you’re off-meta but that’s a choice everyone has to make for themselves. Either you work hard by being a “bad” spec or you work hard to always be a good or decent spec

Glad we agree on that. Like, my issue isnt that game isnt perfectly balanced , it will never be and for thoae very top every little thing matters .

But what we have right now is realy bad … 2 to 295 , if it was like 1 to 3 , or even 1 to 10 would be way better .

And then, new season patch notes hits and none of those specs is touched xd

Both surv and dlock should get waaay worse nerfs( or other classes way way more buffs)

Must have been difficult after buying 2 +28s from Stone and co KEKW

is he wrong tho? not even mentioning you posted with your alt mentioning your “achievement” prior

So the latest update regarding the required score was done today on Tuesday, 2nd of August around 07:00 CET time. And of course our dear “Blue poster” puts Updated August 1, completely disregarding the European time zone and EU-wow forums in general. Next time please assign a person that actually lives in our time zone or at least respects the time zone difference.

just use any of the 3rd party prediction sites and youre better off

edit: so uh 3722 will be the cutoff despite that being a day early?

Is there some info when Titles will be awarded?