M+ is a joke

i’ve been in LFG for 4 hours today got in 3 dungeons because of my low score i did top dam in every one of them and did double dam in last one why do people care about this useless rating that has no way of dropping and people can get it even after they finish dungeon in overtime the seasons has been running for 5+ months and having 3k+ score literally means nothing especially when you do <5m less damage than the tank oh and btw it takes too much skill to spam rain of fire all day long very cool poggies woooow keep on caring for rating that is impossible to lose even if you fail the timer lol…

Rating is all people have to go on.

Would you invite people 1k lower than your arena rating and then look fondly on people posting “arena is a joke!” when you don’t invite them?

What a dumb thread.


in arena you lose rating when you lose arena match and in mythic+ you gain rating even if you dont make it in time so in m+ all you have to do is spam dungeons to get rating while in pvp you actually have to win

i did +14 de other side we had dk that had 2k+ score i had 216 score i did 29m dmg 2nd top dmg was 14m and dk had 5m tank outdmg him with 10m

its just people are too picky over this rating/score lol like if you dont make in time you dont lose rating even worse you gain it if its not too far of from timer so yeah hope you understand my POV

also in arenas if someone is way too low rating theres mmr and either if you win you gain close to nothing and if you lose you lose a lot i dont think thats the case in m+

You only gain anything if there is something to improve upon. Anyway, people like to play with other people that they can at least somewhat relate to. Playing with people that don’t understand where you are coming from isn’t much fun.

In that sense it matters nothing. People don’t like to invest their time into less than ideal odds and if you’ve got easy pickings that’s hardly anything you can blame them for.

You’re just one warlock in a sea of warlocks, so you either start your own band, or you play the game and progress yourself along the ladder like everyone else. Thats just the way it goes.

how does less than ideal odd make up for 2k+ rating player doing literally total 5mil & 5mil less dmg than tank in dungeon while 216 rating warlock did 30mil

all im saying m+ rating is not something skill based yes it is time consuming but not skill based so how can we say that 2k score player is ideal odd when in reality it can mean that this person just did bunch of dungeons in overtime with negative dps and still got the rating :face_with_peeking_eye: :hot_face:

That literally works the same as it does in PvP. Not every 2k arena rated player is equal to another. There are people you won’t mix well with everywhere, M+ is no different.

It is an indication, but an indication only. Nothing is guaranteed.

one thing is guaranteed and its m+ rating :rofl: :rofl:

Not if you don’t need it anymore it isnt

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It depends on the class… On my WL 3k was literally one button mashing and insta invites. My druid was a pain in the butt… I didn’t even bother to apply as my main spec and switched to resto or tank.

I’s all about meta and if you’re not meta you’re going to have a horrible experience.

I don’t think this is a dumb thread! M+ and especially m+ balancing needs to change and every thread is welcome on that matter.


So you are a kind of god? Bravo for you Karen!

so you dont know how to read thats good to know

exactly my point lol literally all warlocks have to do is spam rain of fire and people take it too seriously because if i dont have 50 000 mythic rating i cant spam that one button i guess :rofl: :rofl:

He does know how to write, though.

Your sense of entitlement is so huge I’m surprised you manage to get through doorways. If you’re not getting accepted into keys because you have no score to prove how awesome you are, list your own key. You can have fun accepting all the low score applicants and see how it goes.

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First i have a lock also it doesnt mean you are lock you get insta invited and there are much better locks then me tbh, second of all m+ balance needs to change and i hope the nerf for lock will change something but i doubt it will tbh. You are not entitled to insta invited and you never will be.

m+ rating is still a joke do you disagree?

No, it serves a purpose. That purpose is an indication of your experience.

It’s intentionally different from arena because M+ is a fixed point of reference, arena is not.

Man, this is a whole can of worms just because you’re salty you didn’t get invites.

I dont care about rating tbh, you are behaving as a spoiled brat, you are a typical guy that thinks he is good at his class but in reality you are as the majority of the people just normal skills.

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Im getting declined as 2.5 hpala and 2.3 mage all the time too.

3k people most of the time decline everything thats not 3k+ even for 10s-15s

2.5 k players decline everything bellow 2-2.5 k

High score doesnt necessarily means big brain,especially with all boosting going around,but you would rather invite 1500 score player than 100 score player.

That’s simply how it works.

At the end of the day,leader has a right to invite or decline ,and believe me if you had higher score,you wouldn’t be inviting low or no score players either,even if you feel otherwise atm.

Everyone wants their run to be as clean and as fast as possible.No one wants to deal with 30 deaths 10 min into run,hence inviting people with higher score.

I felt same way you did,everyone did.This is my third char im farming m+ with,and every time same story.Getting declined for hours each day,until you get to at least some score.Make no mistake,you will still get declined,but way less than you do with no score.

Most people who are serious about getting their key done in time will inspect you.Lock is op atm,and everyone expect you to have gear to do damage with,pve gear not pvp gear.If that’s gear you are queueing with,dont expect much,especially because versa is the last stat you want to have as lock in m+

You did yourself no favors with this topic.You are flaming people who actually invested time into completing 20s in time which is not easy,one ability or not.Getting key to 20 is struggle on its own…let alone completing all dungeons in time.

At least if you want to say something is easy,have it completed yourself,that way what you said will have some meaning.

You wouldn’t feel good if someone came up to you and said ‘‘2.5 in 2s LOL noob bracket’’

Pvp gear is a big NO NO in m+ (except for healers and classes that benefit of versa) same like pve gear is a big NO in rated pvp and since your class doesnt benefit of versa at all,no matter which spec,dont expect any invites.

  • you dont have any dung completed this far into season…I dont understand why you are mad at all.

It probably had something to do with the fact he cocked up his soulbind. It was completely empty.

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  1. at the end of the day i have right to call m+ a joke
  2. i’m not flaming anyone i didn’t mention names or anything i was just saying that 2k+ score player did 20mil less damage than me and then 5mil less damage than tank which is kinda weird to fantasize about m+ rating when it literally means nothing skill wise
  3. i would feel nothing tbh not good or bad because someone saying x bracket or x system is bad it has nothing to do with me so if you got offended by m+ is being a joke to me then lol im very very sorry to hurt your feelings dear m+ farmer/player
  4. as i mentioned before comparing m+ to a pvp is big no no no
    1. m+ is vs AI that does same thing over and over and on higher keys tiny things change which if you memorize you are good to go
    2. pvp players have to face actual people who are doing different things every game & every second so you have to guess what their next step will be or how to react to x setup
    3. in pvp you lose rating if you lose match but in m+ even after overtime you still gain rating thats the main reason i called m+ a joke
    4. thats all i don’t kow why people get mad for me stating my opinion about M+ and like is it that personal that you feel offended if i call PvE system joke? or i should have same opinion as everyone and i cant say what i think lol

no pretty sure his keyboard disconnected

i see you are offended :pleading_face: im sorry bear hope you will have great m+ farming day

You’re entitled to your opinion, we’re just as entitled to dismiss it as “just another voice screeching into the void on the internet” - which is pretty much what is happening.

Enjoy the lung exercise I guess.