M+ is exhausting in so many ways

I’ve always been a big fan of m+ until now. I’m not the best player out there but I would say I’m slightly above average. I always get KSM and try to push so I atleast get +20 on all dungeons (for portals) and maybe a couple of key levels higher if I have the energy. This season I have done a couple of the dungeons on +20. I’m still missing some of them like Azure Vault and Ruby Life Pools.

With that said, I feel like m+ is is exhausting in so many ways. Like recently, I listed my +19 Nokhud (it got downgraded from a +20 because a tank pulled more than he/she could handle and then left when he/she died). I feel like its much harder to form/find groups than in previous expansions.

So far, in like 10 minutes, I had like 7-8 applications for my +19. It takes forever to form a group, and when you think you have a good group it shows that one of them is a total jerk and leave for the tiniest mistake. It feels really bad and exhausting.

I think key downgrading has to be removed. It disrespects the players time and make people cautious and afraid to invite players that plays a certain class or doesnt have 3000 rating.

Along with removing key downgrading, they also need to do something about affixes. Some combinations are terrible. I don’t mind a challenge, but when people don’t want to play certain weeks (like healers with bursting/griveous), you know there’s something wrong. By the end of this post, I’ve spent 20-30 minutes to find people for my key. I got tired of it and just logged out. Its just not fun anymore. I want to play the game, not spend 30-45 min to find/form a group just for it to disband after 3 min when someone made a mistake that killed the entire party.

And I know what some of you will say, find a group of players that you always play keys with. But even if I did, there’s still something wrong about m+ in Dragonflight.

Edit: I feel like no matter what I do, it takes forever to make progess right now. I get declined for 20’s when I apply to other keys because they want higher rated people (I don’t blame them, because its not my key), but it also takes forever to form my own groups.


I had one idea at one point, where you always could be able to choose how high key you do, like do a 15 and then you can do any key from 2 to 15, and once you time the 15 you can go further up.

And make m+ a tedeious grind ladder?
Do 2 hours key to push to the next level?
How will the score system work?

Wanting to sit in the same key dying over and over, because of silly mistakes, now thats wasting time.
Not wanting to take the punishment for it i can understand, but i dont think it validates a rework of the entire m+ system.

key depletion removal not possible right now, many people will stuck in some key brackets because no one want to do them, and people won’t create new dungeon groups when they key depleted, they wil sit on not depletable 20 keys forever.
all we need M+ matchmaking with solo que until 20 keys, high key pushers will do the same

Eh what? You still have the option to leave. I didn’t say you must stay in a group. What I ment is if someone leave a group for whatever reason, the key should not lose a key level. The key holder gets punished, meanwhile the people leaving doesn’t get punished in any way (and I don’t think they should). But neither should the key owner. Its a bad system.

The amount of disaster than a solo queue for m+ will make is colossal and no amount of rules can fix all the potential bad comp you may get.

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I would just try for one season. Just for one season remove key depleting and see how it goes. I personaly have nothing against it…but on the other hand - could it end up in degenerate “just reset it” gameplay loop in dungeon runs? Who knows…it would definetly help if you have some silly fails at first pull etc …but how it would work in bigger picture ?..just try it and see…

My bigger wish for m+ rather than removing afixes, timer or key depletion is to beign able to select a specific dungeon or reroll it without the need of completion another one in time on same level. Just get us bland key with afixes and let us send it wherever we wannt. I like to push my own key…but its rather demotivating and frustrating to get the same dungeon multiple times.

Saw this a lot recently and I like it. I haven’t played since weeks as this game is broken beyond repair in terms of respecting ones time.

I stopped playing DF earlier than SL due to upscaling dungeons, harder m+ and even worse rewards and loot.

I feel you. Pugging Mythic+, whether by forming your own group or joining another is just not fun at times and often mentally draining - and that’s without even getting into the gameplay and playing the game.

When I started playing Mythic+ and encountering toxic players in pugs who acted in a way I had not seen in an MMO before I got really confused - the advice I got was I needed to toughen up and grow some resilience. Toughen and have resilience… for a video game?! I thought games were supposed to be fun, and MMOs were about community and meeting goals together. But WoW no longer seems that way, for a lot of players it’s about their personal score and rise to the top of the pile or to obtain the best loot.

I feel sometimes like some players in this game think of other players as NPCs - they certainly treat them that way.

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What would you consider being toxic behavior here? Just curious!!

I agree that people tend to ruin things, but I will argue that the game itself isn’t helping when it requires SO MUCH (Interrupts, Stuns, Run away/Run to, Do your rotation/Reaction correctly, Time it) from people.
Stress makes for a bad time.

They could always come up with something like giving the key holder a choice. Like, if someone is leaving your key you will get one more chance to do the key at the same level with full reward (end of dungeon loot, upgradeable, and score). After that, the key holder will only get score as if you just timed the key. And even if you time it, it will not be upgraded, just changed to another dungeon. This will not apply to those who join the key. Maybe its a bad idea. Just wrote something down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems to be an issue with very high keys and people being very selective.

If I open a group as a tank I get 43895732384923084 applications.
now it is up to you whether you are very picky with score and ilvl or you just take people to go and try it.

many people cannot fill their 15 key because they only look for 410 ilvl people with 2.4k score… well guess what, they won’t apply to a 15.

You will also find that if you open a group as a dps player, you barely get applicants.
DPS don’t want to apply because they don’t want to wait. Healers don’t join a group without a tank and tanks are very picky with which group they join (especially certain dungeons during certain affixes will be avoided).
In your case NO on bursting grievous tyrannical is just soooooo terrible that you will never ever find a healer for that dungeon.

and then also most higher players will look for their weekly 20 keys and not 19s so 19s are almost like 15s… a dead and or only for score

Yeah, I agree with you. I’m usually not super picky. Sure, if high rating players apply I will invite them. But I have no problem inviting people around my rating or if they’re playing an alt with lower rating but got a main with high rating.

But I’ve noticed the same pattern no matter the players I choose, way too often people will leave a key if something goes wrong, even if there’s a good chance to time it. For example, once I had an AA +20 (fortified). Tank pull like the whole room (at least close to it). We all die and the tank and his two friends leave. There was still time for us to recover. I lost a key level, they lost nothing. It feels so bad. They need to change something.

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I agree it is quite tiring. I made it to level 18 and all my motivation to push to 20 went into the trash bin. I don’t care about gear upgrades and never did. I like the portals and that is why I like to push. But I find DF to be to punishing for pugs especially with change to the gear acquisition. I have 3 friends I play with and we always have to pug the 5th but the dungeons with the affixes are not to my liking. I don’t know why inspiring was removed. It was easy to deal with affix. I like having easy weeks. Why it has to be stressful all the time?

I think I am done with DF for now(I have all transmogs & mounts which I want). I will log once a week to do my Black prince and Ember court reputation. When time walking is up and the expansion is good I plan to play a lot.

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Key depletion (need to be removed outright), and affixes they need an overhaul a suggestion been circulating make one negative + one positive affixes along side the seasonal

This week is going to be a break for me, not a fan of sanguine at all.

I’m a bit done with un-fun affixes!

Punish leavers and make it so keys can’t deplete.

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