M+ map pool in Dragonflight/SL

Hello, there may have been posts about this, but i am gonna share my opinion about it…
I really, really, really dislike the idea of only having 4 m+ dungeons in S1 of Dragonflight and then 4 maps from old expansions, in my opinion is horrible idea, we are having new expansion so we should get ALL Dragonflight dungeons as m+, if you wanna add more dugeons into the map pool, thats fine, but dont just split the pool in half, cuz some ppl hot bored in SL with the dungeons…let ppl choose what they wanna do…and then for season 2 you can do the 4+4 if you absolutelly want to, but i would still be happier if all the dungeons stayed in and just added more from previous expansion l, i would be more than happy with that
As for the SL S4, not really happy about that either, but since its last season of the expansion, i can live with it, althou i would be happier if we kept all the SL dungs aswell…and for ppl saying running the same dungeons over and over again, why are you soooo happy with CoS being back yet again!!! We had it 2 years in Legion, then it came back during Legion timewasting, sorry timewalking and you bringing it back for S1 of Dragonflight!!! C mon, atleast choose diffrent dungeon


I hope blizz understands people got bored because of only 8 dungeons. We already notice a very big positive difference with currently 10 in the dungeonpool.

And i do not give a duck i ‘had to’ get a new changeling every season.

I actually like the idea … what worries me is the dungeons they’re gonna pick to go alongside the DF dungeons.

The most fun time of an expansion for me is the beggining where you start making your routes and all that … We now get that for 2 seasons at least, from that point of view i think it’s a positive change.

What worries me is if we get a dungeon like Siege of Boralus into the mix, that dungeon was buggy mess at the end of the expansion, and much much much worse at the start.

I dont mind adding the new dungeons to the map pool…but dont do it 4 from current expansion and 4 from previous expansions…thats just baaad idea
And i am saying that as person who plays only 1 character, and i am happy with doing the same dungs over and over again…and if there are ppl who are diffrent than me, its okay…let the players choose what they wanna and how they wanna play…even if it meant raising the the keystone achievement to like 4k rating or something
PS: sorry for double tag, i ve messed up when quoting your post

I have no problem with additional dungeons, but I want all the dungeons from the current expansion.

I wouldn’t normally choose to do old content, but I don’t mind having some included in my favourite end game activity. What I do object to is being blocked from CURRENT content.

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Rlly there are going to be more then 8 dungeons in DF blizzard stated it. People need to chill out abit.

Yep, but Court of Stars still rocks.

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They will never release 4 dungeons because they are not ready to be released.

Yeah, they are probably gonna add a mega dungeon that they ll split into 2 parts for m+, but thats not the issue

Never said anything about not releasing all the dungeons planned for Dragonflight, but they already stated that m+ SEASON 1 of Drahonflight will consists from 4 Dragonflight dungeons and 4 old dungeons (CoS, some dung from MoP and 2 others i cant remember which)…give us all the Dragonflight dungeons for m+ and add whatever dungs you want, but keep all the dungs from Dragonflight as current expansion

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You clearly dont know anything about dragonflight atm there are already 12 dungeons and they are making planning for 13

or maybe you dont…straight from wowhead:

" We have an early preview of the Dragonflight dungeon names, bosses, and their abilities. The first build of the Dragonflight alpha contains seven dungeons in the Dragon Isles, as well as a new wing of Uldaman coming in the 10.0 pre-patch, featuring a member of the Infinite Dragonflight as the final boss.

The new dungeons are:

  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

  • Taz’algeth Academy

  • Ruby Life Pools

  • Halls of Infusion

  • The Azure Vault

  • Neltharus

  • The Nokhud Offensive

  • Brackenhide Hollow

We don’t know yet which dungeons will be part of Mythic Season 1, but in an interview with Ion Hazzikostas, we learned the first season will contain four Dragonflight dungeons and four older ones, including Court of Stars and Temple of the Jade Serpent. And we’ve also datamined [loading screens]"


YES, i know its all know the new dungeons, but for season 1 of mythic plus you are getting ONLY 4 of them

And ok whats the problem with that?

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I dont know how about you, but at the start of new expansion, i would like to play all the dungeons of the expansion as mythic plus, call me crazy but that should be understandable to everybody


Not rlly immo dont care tbh

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I on thethe other hand think its horrendus idea that should ve.never been brought up at all, let alone for SEASON 1 of a new expansion

Then you have a horrendous problem innit?

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I don’t mind not playing all new dungeons at the start. What i really hope is season 3 to have 4 new DF dungeons. And IF there is season 4 to be able to play all 12 DF dungeons at the same time on M+

I really like the idea of turning old dungeons into a M+. But why only 4? There are so many old dungeons. Increase the pool to 6 atleast. 4+6 is perfect for me.

Having only half of the new dungeons on the S1 dungeon pool is fantastic. It has so many more positives than the current implementation. Allow another fresh start on S2 in the future.