M+ Shrouded Hero Title -- November 23 Update

is this final and the season is ending now right?

The season ended with the “Prepatch”. You can still get the mount and stuff, but the season for the 0,1% cutoff title should be over. Raider io predicted it to be at 3120.6 for EU and that lines up with the last Blizz update. Why they updated it on a thursday tho when the season is already over!?.. idk

Edit: Heres the official statement that the season for getting the title is over

The Mythic+ Shrouded Hero title will be going out to players today.

In this region, we had to disqualify some players who abused a buff from sharing a legacy quest to achieve their top scores.

The cutoff score of 3120 did not change following disqualifications.

Congratulations to all Shrouded Heroes!


What if you managed to not only get enough score, but far above the score threshhold required for title without the buff, but then used it for the lolz at the end of the patch cus everyone else was using it anyways?

Do you still get punished then, regardless of you having earned it legitemetily or not?


congratulations are in order … if you ask me personally

Why did you not instantly fix the buff being usable in dungeons?
Why did you not instantly make a statement runs with the buff won’t count into the achievement?
Why are you punishing players for something YOU failed to do better, when it is in no way a bug abuse or exploit since it requires you nothing more than getting a quest shared, not knowing what it does or gives, accepting out of curiousity and just well, having it. I got this quest shared about 5 times in different groups until I realised it gives a buff, and since it didn’t take anything else but just accepting a quest, and no statement from YOU to be found about it, I just kept taking it.
Now, after months of people just using it, not fixing it, not saying anything, you disqualify runs. I wonder how many won’t get their achievement now just because they had the buff running for some dungeon which put them into the cutoff. What if you got the buff, died, and didn’t even have it 99% of the dungeon? Is that run also disqualified? Why is this where you draw the line, and not the countless other bug abuses like actual glitching and abusing flaws in your code which have historically been fixed without statement and people who got to complete a higher key with it were just lucky? Why do YOU not tell US, how creative we are allowed to be before it’s considered punishable? Why can’t you just whitelist all allowed buffs for dungeons to eliminate confusion over what you think is creative or abuse? We have seen absolutely way worse exploits even in official tournaments and you never took a stance on it. And this is not “whataboutism”, I am asking you to be more transparent for the sake of future achievements.
I’m speechless. Not only for myself, but all people that just didn’t know better as you failed to communicate ANYTHING for WEEKS.
This is incredibly disappointing once again as no one wins from this. the cutoff is still 3120 even when a majority of people got disqualified now and most top end runs have 100% been done with the buff, so the cutoff SHOULD theoretically be lowered drastically. People sank time into this, the ones who got it anyways will get it, the ones who would’ve gotten it with the buff won’t get it, the ones who would’ve not gotten it without the buff won’t get it anyways either. This doesn’t feel fair, as much as I agree that exploits in general should disqualify people. But not like this.

Also I wonder why it had to be stated “for this region”. Chinese groups have been abusing multiple buffs including this one for months and have never faced punishment. Genuinely curious if their laws prevent you from doing anything.


I agree with Angrykaren here, i had some randoms in my keys who perma shared the buff, i didnt use it actively but i cant say that i´ve never had it when i completed a key since i dont track my buffs 24/7
also what happens to the people who didnt use it but had players in their groups who did? how does that count?


Suggestion: Just let people have their achievement, no one’s winning from this. Make a statement for the future and be clear about any future runs in DF and onwards being disqualified if any out of the norm buff is detected. And try to fix all your overworld buffs that might conflict with competitive gameplay. Take responsibility for your own game.


where my title?

Suppose several people were disqualified. Why don’t people who don’t meet the requirements automatically jump into their place? The exploit artificially increased the score threshold. It’s hard to believe that the score threshold hasn’t changed. I feel sorry for the players who were perfectly under the scoring threshold.

at this point i wonder why people in s2 werent punished for the knife snapping and all that.
its your job to fix the game and not allow things like that, maybe just make a white list what buffs are allowed in keys rather than a blacklist cause things like this might sneak in.
for me i just wonder what happens next, i was well above the cutoff and never knowingly used that buff, but if i dont get the title cause i/others had it in a key then i will get salty ngl


I really hope you will change this. Everything about this is wrong.
You could’ve fixed the bug instantly, not making it usable in dungeons.
Who are getting banned? What about people not knowing what the quest would do?
Just react quicker. It is always in the last second that you do something about things.
I have another example from back in season three. You randomly came with warlock and survival nerfs. People had timed cutoff worthy keys with the meta classes, then you out of nowhere came with the nerfs. What about the people who is not in the cutoff? Yup, then you heard the community backlash, and reverted the nerfs. It is the same over and over again


Tbh best thing to do is wait and see exactly how these punishments are being dished out. If it’s not based on severity/people hard abusing it to get into cutoff range, then it will not leave it’s mark. A lot of players used it just to see what it was about or because most people with high IO was using it to time 32+ keys and for those players, the title cutoff does not factor in whatsoever, as they would never in a million years be pushed out of title range.

If they are willing to hand out a punishment for an exploit they decided to leave in the game for WEEKS on end, then they should also be willing to put in the time to properly investigate.

To me it is very simple. Revoke EVERY score run in which the bug was abused, any player who is still in the 0.1 % cutoff after that gets the title. This would also require for a recalculation of said 0.1 % cutoff, but I think that the majority of players would much rather see the achievement handout delayed for this to be looked at properly, rather than a bluepost update less than 24h before the title handout.

This just seems completely ridiculous and unecessary to me, as a vast majority of players has at least 1 key with the buff being “abused”, yet they were in title range FAR before the buff was even common knowledge.

Edit: Also what’s up with some exploits being okay, yet others seems to be taboo. Where is the mention of the Battleground HP food buff being abused? Surely that should be punishable aswell then?


People at that place in the game know what an exploit is. They went out of their way to do it and they knew it was wrong. It’s a no brainer they got slapped for it.

If it never occured to them that getting significant buffs that weren’t available to people who played fairly wasn’t wrong… well then they’ve learnt something.

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There is much more to it than that. What if the exploit is not banned, what then? You’re competing against players abusing the exploit, maybe you’re not good enough to outrank them, so either u resort to the buff just like they are and stand a chance or you don’t and simply won’t get into title range.

The problem is, that Blizzard, well knowingly that this was ongoing (How could they not, people were literally streaming the bug abuse), did absolutely nothing. They did not revoke runs with people abusing the bug, they did not comment or post anything about the matter, and this was for weeks on end, so obviously people will assume that the bug is just going to be a thing and start using it.


Has anyone on EU received their title yet? i did not use any bugs or quest or anything (that i’m aware of) but still didn’t get anything yet, idk if they still have to assign them or what.

I didn’t realise BLizz patrolled twitch streams searching for bugs. Again, people know what exploits are. It is that simple. “Others abused the rules so I felt I had to to keep up” is childs logic.

I guess it will take up to 24hrs or something just like the twitch drops. Lets wait and see what happens

Legit people (like myself) just accepted the quest without knowing what it was doing, so that does not count at all


How exactly is that childs logic? If nothing is being done about it, to me, that means blizzard is completely fine with it being in the game. If the people ur competing with is using an advantage like this, obviously you’re gonna use it aswell to remain competative.

We do not hurt anyone, seeing as the title cutoff remains the same regardless of us timing a key or not. We’re not attempting to push into title, as we’ve literally had title secured since the 3rd week of the patch. We’re literally just doing it for the fun of it, so why should we be punished?

We have not only earned the title fair and square, we have literally pushed miles above what the requirement was for the title WITHOUT using the buff, so punishing us achieves absolutely nothing, except for making us salty.

Furthermore, what about the people that had the quest shared unknowingly? What about the people that did NOT use the buff themselves, but their teammates did? What if you only timed 1 key with it, but the rest of your keys are completely valid? It’s a massive grey area.

If you want to punish players for something they’ve been working months to get, for a bug that you left in the game for weeks on end, then you should investigate thoroughly. Find the people that USED the bug to get into title range > revoke the keys in which the bug was used > recalculate cutoff. It’s literally that simple.